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Community Events

Community badges provide access to events occurring on the ground floor of the convention center and content at the Marriott next door. This includes multiple stages, the Expo Hall, and the Signing & Photo Lottery.


Creator Events

Creator badges provide access to events occurring on the ground floor and second floor of the convention center (except the Signing and Photo Hall) as well as content at the Marriott. Includes access to the Creator Track, Creator Keynote, Creator Lounges, and Creator Track Reception.


Industry Events

Industry badges provide access to all events occurring at VidCon (including the Signing and Photo Hall). Includes access to the Industry Track, Industry Keynote, Industry Lounge, and Industry Reception.

We’re still figuring out this year’s agenda, so you won’t see anything for VidCon 2016 on this page for a few months yet. Until then, take a peek at some sample events from last year, especially if you’re having a hard time deciding which badge to purchase!


Behind Miranda Sings

Come chat with Colleen Ballinger (creator of Miranda Sings) at this exciting Q&A! No questions are off limits, so don’t miss this once in a lifetime opportunity to learn all about the girl behind the quirky, confident, bizarre, lipstick-wearing character that Colleen created 7 years ago.

Race & Representation

Diverse representation is not just important, but audiences love it! So when it comes to YouTube, how does race play a role in a creator’s content, audience reach, and success? And does it even matter? Join us for a chat with some of YouTube’s most successful and diverse creators from the world of beauty, music and comedy.

Six Seconds to Awesome

Join some of Vine’s top creators as they share how they create such incredible content. What have they learned as their channels have grown in recent years? And how do they keep coming up with such amazing ideas that fit in just six seconds?


Workshop – How to Get Yourself Out There

As a creator, it can seem impossible to break through the noise and get your content noticed by viewers. How do you make meaningful connections with other creators? How do you find people to collaborate with? How do you build an audience? In this workshop, we will give you practical tips and will also help you avoid critical mistakes you could make when trying to get yourself out there.

Dealing With Criticism

Negative comments sting — there’s no two ways about it. Learning how to disregard the trolls is a skill, and if you can get beyond that, some comments can be genuinely helpful constructive criticism. Learn how to keep a cool head amongst the hate, when to respond, and how to use critique as an opportunity to grow.

Expanding Beyond Your Vertical

Channels often become known for an identity, and it can be scary to risk audiences by trying new things. These top creators have moved past their original channels, and have developed content and grown audiences across verticals. They’ll tell you how they got their communities to follow them across projects and content styles, and cultivated new audiences for their new ventures.


Anatomy of a Brand Campaign

Learn what it takes to build and execute a multi-platform branded campaign with YouTube stars, from a team who has already done it. This session uses the case study approach and brings together the creators and brand team to explore the details of how a successful campaign was conceptualized, created, delivered and managed, including data and details on the success.

The Rise of the Vertical & Alternative MCN

Is it too late to start an MCN? Hundreds of founders think not – but the trend is more towards targeted and verticalized MCNs, rather than one-size-fits all. In addition new agencies now straddle the line between an MCN and a talent agency. This session will focus on which verticals are hot, emerging business models, and the white space where opportunity still exists.

From Hollywood Films to Book Deals – How to Stay Smart in Crossover Projects

Some of the most popular YouTube creators and networks are quickly moving beyond YouTube to embrace and build success in other media. Television and movies offer a tantalizing way to build audiences and drive revenue, but is it real or just a chimera? Some YouTube stars are seeing success writing books or launching record labels. But is this a sustainable path? Is the effort worth the return? This session explores the emerging intersection of online video and traditional media and provides guidance as to where and how to spend your personal capital and time, and how to build a sustainable business with multiple revenue streams.