The Emergence of the Celebrity Creator: What’s the Upside for Talent & the Opportunity for Brands?

Celebrity-driven YouTube channels have come out of nowhere to be one of the defining trends on the platform in 2018. The trend started with early adopters like Kevin Hart and The Rock, but a new wave is now getting in the act – from Stephen Curry to Jack Black to Madelaine Petsch and many more. The question everyone’s asking is: is this sustainable or a flash in the pan? Our panel breaks down why celebrity-driven channels are here to stay and what opportunities it presents for the rest of the industry.

What attendees will learn:

  • Why is this trend happening and is it really here to stay?
  • How should brands and talent think about this new wave?
  • What are the opportunities? Pitfalls?
  • What does this mean for YouTube?"

Moderated by: Nate Houghteling (Co-Founder & Executive Producer - Portal A)