At its best, programmatic advertising enables advertisers to buy media more efficiently — helping them to craft more sophisticated and targeted campaigns at the best possible prices. But when ads are placed across more than two million websites, videos, and apps in the Google Display Network, there's always a risk that an ad will show up before or next to hateful, offensive, and derogatory content. Recently, a number of big advertisers dropped out of YouTube and the Google Display Network when their ads started running next to content that didn’t align with their values. This is relevant to every single ad tech company that buys inventory at scale that very, very targeted at low costs. All of this has triggered a conversation in the advertising industry around hard questions like, “How do we start valuing context and quality?” and “How do we ensure brand safety in a programmatic world?” This session will explore what's feasible and what you can do about it today and in the future.

Moderated by: Greg Jarboe (President and Co-Founder - SEO-PR)