As a creator, you want to make cutting-edge videos, post them online, and attract a large fan base. But do you know how copyright can help you do that? Do you know the easy steps you can take to avoid accidentally infringing someone else’s work? Join Copyright Alliance CEO Keith Kupferschmid as we dive into the importance of copyright and creativity with VidCon Featured Creator and founder of the YouTube channel Smarter EveryDay Destin Sandlin,HitRecord executive producer Jared Geller, MVH CREATIVEWORKS director, producer and partner Gev Miron.
But wait, that’s not all! Have specific copyright questions like; Do you ever wonder if your use of music or a photo is fair use? Do you know how to avoid getting a DMCA takedown notice and what you should do if you get one? Never fear because we will also have three copyright experts on hand for an audience Q&A. Our panel of experts will include; Anne Hocking, Partner, Donahue Fitzgerald LLP, Vivian Lee, Senior Counsel, Litigation, at 21st Century Fox, and Franklin Graves, Corporate Counsel for Naxos Music Group. 
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Moderated by: Keith Kupferschmid (CEO - Copyright Alliance)