Community Panels


FRIDAY | 9:30AM-10:30AM

The Leap of Faith

202 | Moderated by Nancy Tamayo, CEO of Addition

Panel: Joe Penna, MysteryGuitarMan; Austin Null, The Nive Nulls; Joey Graceffa; Joe Hanson, It’s Ok To Be Smart; Jimmy Tatro; Mikey Bolts; Meghan Camarena, Strawburry17

Learn the best practices, trends and emerging innovations to find, build and keep your audience. What works and what doesn’t? How do you define success and what tools do you use to get there?

Upping Our Game: YouTubers and High Production Values

204 | Moderated by Jack Harries

Panel: Finn Harries; Benjamin Cook, Becoming YouTube; Ciaran O’Brien; Tim Hautekiet, TimH

Success on YouTube leads to new opportunities, and when you’ve got creation in your blood, some people can’t help taking it to the next level. On this panel, a group of successful online video makers discusses their transition to creating content that would be at home on network television or even the big screen.

Making People Smarter Through Online Video

205 | Moderated by Angela Lin, YouTube Content Partnerships

Panel: Michael Stevens, VSauce; Aaron Carroll, HealthCareTriage; Vi Hart; Henry Reich, MinutePhysics; Sarah Green, The Art Assignment; Mike Rugnetta, PBS Idea Channel

One of the fastest growing and most exciting areas of online video is educational content. Whether you’re learning where sand comes from or how to derive the quadratic equation, a new crop of creators are trying to make the world smarter without legally requiring them to go to class first thing in the morning. How are they doing it? Why are they doing it? And is it working?

Beauty Bloggers: Dealing With Hate

206 | Moderated by Chrystina Woody, Vice President of Communications at StyleHaul

Panel: Jen Chae, From Head To Toe; Amanda Steele, MakeupByMandy24; Louise Pentland, Sprinkle Of Glitter; Kitten, Frilly and Fancy; Elle Fowler, AllThatGlitters21; Blair Fowler, Juicystar07

It’s hard enough to deal with negativity on YouTube. But some people seem to think women who talk about make- up and fashion are asking to be criticized for every aspect of their being. How do the pros handle it? Does it ever stop bothering them?

Viewers Like You: Crowdfunding in 2014

207 | Moderated by Hank Green

Panel: Jack Conte, Co-Founder of Patreon; Hannah Hart; Destin Sandlin, Smarter Ever Day; Nate Olson, Director of Marketing, Licensing, and Publicity for Frederator Networks

Kickstarter and Indiegogo have been joined by the likes of Patreon and Subbable to help creators make the best content possible and still be able to eat food and stuff. In a world of free content and low ad rates, these services are becoming more important to creators every day. Are we relying on them too much? Or is this just the new normal?


FRIDAY | 11:00AM-12:00PM

Creative Sound Design for Web Content presented by Dolby

201D | Moderator: Glenn Kiser, Director of Dolby Institute

Panel: Freddie Wong, Director of Video Game High School; Steven Cahill, Sound Designer/Mixer; Sam Gorski, Creator at Corridor Digital; Niko Pueringer, Creator at Corridor Digital

Sound is 50% of the viewing experience. But too often in the world of digital content, sound is an afterthought. Join Dolby and leading content creators from the made for web community as they discuss the power of sound to help you tell your story better and showcase best-practice examples of how to use sound more creatively as a storytelling tool. There will also be practical tips on sound topics.

Copyright on YouTube

202 | Moderated by Jon Bailey, Honest Movie Trailers

Panel: Jonathan Paula, JogWheel; Peter Hollens; Teri Karboonik, New Rights Media; Rian R. Bosak, Head of Network Operations at Fullscreen; Jake Watson, Producer and In-House Counsel at Corridor Digital

Join our panel of experts discussing how copyright is policed on YouTube, why the system is imperfect but necessary, and what to do when your content gets flagged (whether it should have or not).

Entertainment + Education! Is it Possible?

204 | Moderated by Matthew Graham, Senior Director, PBS Digital Studios

Panel: Destin Sandlin, Smarter Every Day; Emily Graslie, The Brain Scoop; Derek Muller, Veritasium; Mike Rugnetta, PBS Idea Channel; Mitchell Moffit and Gregory Brown, ASAP Science

We all want to be entertained…and we also want to be smarter…but can we get both at once? Battling to be noticed in a crazy-competitive entertainment landscape without compromising the quality of their information, these creators have found amazing amounts of success educating while they entertain.

Online Gaming Strategies

205 | Moderated by Matthew DiPietro, Vice President of Marketing at Twitch TV

Panel: Jordan Maron, CaptainSparklez; David ‘Lasercorn’ Moss, SmoshGames; Steven Williams, Boogie2988; Rodrigo Velloso, Global Head of Gaming, YouTube

This panel is going to catch it all. Some of the most popular and innovative creators of online gaming content discuss their strategies.

Writing Comedy for YouTube

206 | Moderated by Mamrie Hart

Panel: Steve Zaragoza, SourceFed; Mickey Meyer, JASH;
Jack Douglass; Dan Casey, Assistant Editor of; Sam Reich, President of Big Breakfast & Head of Video for CollegeHumor; Mark Douglas, Barely Political; Todd Womack, Barely Political

Comedy writers are an odd bunch. Still, we’ve taken the risk, and hopefully our moderator can squeeze a useful conversation out of them about their processes, successes, and failures in the unique environment of online video.

Working For A YouTuber

207 | Moderated by Rosianna Halse Rojas

Panel: Caitlin Hoffmeister, Executive Producer of SciShow; Jonathan Green, Executive Producer for Fine Brothers Entertainment; Stevie Wynne Levine, Production Manager with Rhett & Link; David Heuff, Production Manager for Next Time Productions; April Salud, Producer of Strawburry17; Lauren Schnipper, Head of Production and Development, Shane Dawson TV Inc.

Maybe you don’t want to be a famous YouTuber, but you do want to be a part of the online video thing. It’s time to talk to some of the people who work behind the scenes on some of your favorite YouTube shows. What do they do, how did they get their jobs, and how’s the pay?


FRIDAY | 12:30PM-1:30PM 


202 | Moderated by Anthony D’Angelo, LegoSharkProductions

Panel: Emily Grace, Onmywaytohogwarts; Sabrina Cruz, NerdyAndQuirky; Holly Harford, thisisnotHolly; Alyssa DelPaue, DelPaueTV; TeeJay Hannon, AdventuresforAwesome; Aaron Williams, AbracaAwesome

Content creators come in all shapes and sizes, but a lot of people who would be considered by the dominant culture to be “too young” are making fantastic content and building strong communities. Some of them discuss how they’re doing it…and the challenges they face.

The Power of Online Video

204 | Moderated by Correy Stoner, Head of Sales and Marketing at SoulPancake

Panel: Hannah Hart; Tyler Oakley; Josh Sundquist; John Green; Jack and Finn Harries; Sean West, Communications Manager, Creative Content at Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

With great power comes great responsibility, and as online video communities grow, their ability to collectively change the world in positive ways grows as well. Here, some creators talk with people from non-profit organizations about how and why they and their communities work to improve the world.

Poetry and the Web

205 | Moderated by George Watsky

Panel: Natalie Patterson, SoulPancake; Sarah Kay; Dylan Garity; Sam Cook, Founder of Button Poetry; Bridge Exchange Winners; José Vadi, Off/Page Project / Youth Speaks

Do you love poetry? Do you love online video? Join us for a dynamic spoken word performance featuring top global talents followed by a panel discussion about how we can use digital tools to enhance the literary arts.

The Life of the Independent

207 | Moderated by Alan Van, Editor in Chief at NewMediaRockstars

Panel: Hank Green; Grace Helbig; Craig Benzine, Wheezy Waiter; Mark Malkoff

YouTube has a strong do it yourself tradition, but boy can that be exhausting…and terrifying. Some of the most successful independent creators of YouTube discuss why they’ve remained independent and how they make it work (without working themselves to death).


FRIDAY | 2:00PM-3:00PM 

Workshop: How to YouTube

201D | Hosted by Nicholas Jenkins, Producer/Director/ Editor for Crash Course and Sexplanations

A one hour demo/workshop of the different types of cameras and software you can use to make online video content. From your iPod/iPhone to DSLR and ENG cameras, what is the best choice for you? And what the heck does ENG actually mean? Also covered will be what to do with your video once it’s been finished. Exporting, uploading, monetizing, and community interaction will be discussed.

Do You Need an MCN?

202 | Moderated by Michelle Castillo, Digital Media & Web Video Reporter for Adweek

Panel: Corey Vidal, ApprenticeA; Rafi Fine, Fine Brothers Entertainment; Jim Louderback, GM Discovery Digital Networks; Michael Wayne, CEO of DECA: Molly Templeton, Mememolly

What is an MCN? What do they get from you and what do you get from them?

A Guide to Vlogging

204 | Moderated by Ze Frank, EVP of Video at BuzzFeed

Panel: iJustine; Olga Kay; Grace Helbig; Shay Carl; Dan Howell, Danisnotonfire; Phil Lester, AmazingPhil; Louis Cole, Fun For Louis

Video blogging isn’t just talking to a camera; it’s a kind of visual essay. Finding your message and conveying it simply and enjoyably is not as easy as it might sound. We’ve assembled some of the foremost experts in the world to talk about what motivates them to create, how they connect with their audience, and how they became best friends with the camera.

YouTube and Your Music Career

206 | Moderated by Peter Hollens

Panel: Meghan Tonjes; David Choi; Tyler Ward; Mike Falzone; Alex Goot; Alejandro Manzano, Boyce Avenue; Margaret Gregory, Artist and Label Relations at YouTube

There’s no business that’s quite so difficult to break into as the music business. And while online video might provide some new paths, they aren’t simple or easy. Here, some musicians who have found opportunities and audiences through online video discuss their strategies and successes.

LGBT+ on YouTube

207 | Moderated by Michael Buckley

Panel: Tyler Oakley; Hannah Hart; Troye Sivan; Kingsley; GigiGorgeous; Miles Jai; HartBeat

Online video is an opportunity to connect people to the normality of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people. A selection of some of the world’s most popular YouTubers discusses how to use online video to make life easier for LGBTQ+ people everywhere and how to deal with the unique issues that they face online.


FRIDAY | 3:30PM-4:30PM 

Special Effects: How and Why

202 | Moderated by John Carle, Director, Network Development at The Collective Digital Studio

Panel: Zach King, FinalCutKing; Andrew McMurry, AndrewMFilms; Clinton Jones, pwnisher; Niko Pueringer, Creator at Corridor Digital; Sam Gorski, Creator at Corridor Digital

Special effects aren’t so special anymore. With the right tools, teenagers in their bedrooms are creating better effects than whole teams could make just a few years ago. But that means it’s even harder to differentiate yourself. What’s next in effects, and what opportunities are available to those who have the skills?

Building Communities: How and Why

204 | Moderated by Hank Green

Panel: Jake Roper, VSauce3; iJustine; Ben Ebbrell, SortedFood; Philip DeFranco; Craig Benzine, WheezyWaiter; Charles Trippy, CTFXC; Michael Aranda

The coolest part of online video is the community. It’s not an audience…it’s not a fan base…it’s a group of people who all share common values and enthusiasms. This new way of connecting creates tons of value and opportunities, but some problems as well.

Crafting, Cooking, and DIY

205 | Moderated by Meg Allan Cole, HGTV Handmade

Panel: Bethany Mota; Karen Kavett, xperpetualmotion; Lauren Fairweather, devilishlypure; AnneOrShine; Steve Ramsey, Woodworking For Mere Mortals;

Grow your own food. Sew your own clothes. Make your own soap. Delve into the maker movement through the lens of the online video creators who are redefining what it means to DIY.

Striving To Be Sustainable

206 | Moderated by Olga Kay

Panel: Austin Null, The Nive Nulls; Kristina Horner, italktosnakes; Emma Mills, Elmify and How To Adult; Lisa Schwartz, Lisbug; Mark Malkoff; Paul Snow, Head of West Coast Entertainment Partnerships, YouTube

Making millions off your web series sounds nice, but for most creators, just the idea of making a living off your content — consistently, and without going crazy — is enough of a dream. What’s the secret to balancing life and work in the web video world on a long-term basis?

Deal Or No Deal

207 | Moderated by Tim Peterson, Digital Media Reporter for Ad Age

Panel: Benny Fine; Hannah Hart; Alli Speed; John Green; Devin Graham, DevinSuperTramp; Brittani Louise Taylor

Creators talk frankly about their experiences working with production companies, multi-channel networks, cable television channels, merch companies, movie studios, and even the government. What’s the difference between a good deal and a bad deal? What might be offered? What definitely won’t be? It’s time to have this conversation.



SATURDAY | 9:30AM-10:30AM

Less Than Famous

202 | Moderated by Amanda McLoughlin, Shessomickey

Panel: Leslie Datsis, Lesliefoundhergrail; Ricky Anderson II, Stewdippin; Emily Eifler, BlinkPopShift; Linda Barsi, OpenEllbey; Joe Homes, Plus2Joe

You don’t have to be famous to get a lot out of online video. Making connections, forming communities, creating content…. Hundreds of thousands of people are using YouTube as a way to connect, without necessarily focusing on making it big, but just because it’s a wonderful thing. Join a few not-so-famous people to discuss these wonderful opportunities.

The Future of Online Video

204 | Moderated by Brent Weinstein, Head of Digital Media at UTA

Panel: Philip DeFranco; Craig Benzine, WheezyWaiter; ZeFrank, EVP of Video at BuzzFeed; Rhett & Link; Michael Aranda

What is online video going to look like in 10 or 20 years? We don’t know…but that’s not going to stop us from guessing. Online video is changing fast, and anticipating those changes is a key to success.

Suddenly a Star

205 | Moderated by Petar Mandich, Head of Talent at Addition

Panel: Laina, Overly Attached Girlfriend; Jon Cozart, Paint; Rebecca Black; Glozell Green; Catie Wayne; Colleen Ballinger, MirandaSings

The internet works in mysterious ways, and some creators have the bizarre but wonderful experience of almost instant stardom. How to capitalize on that success…and not be entirely overwhelmed by it, is another story entirely.

Telling a Story: Fiction In Online Video

206 | Moderated by Jenni Powell, Emmy Award Winning Digital Producer

Panel: Benny Fine; Charlie McDonnell; Tony Valenzuela, Executive Creator & Producer, BlackBoxTV; Joey Graceffa, Storytellers

Most successful YouTube content is one-off, formatted, non- fiction or sketch comedy. But a few have been either skilled enough or lucky enough to make narrative fiction work on the internet. Though popular on television, fiction turns out to be a challenge on the internet. Hear from the people who are, at this very moment, overcoming that challenge and defining new genres.

Women on YouTube

207 | Moderated by Laci Green

Panel: Rosianna Halse Rojas, missxrojas; Akilah Hughes, Smoothiefreak; Lex Croucher, tyrannosauruslexxx; Hayley Hoover, hayleyghoover; HartBeat; Emily Graslie, The Brain Scoop

Sexism is rampant in our culture, which means female creators face a number of unique challenges. We have to identify these problems in order to face them, and we have to face them to grow as a culture. So let’s do that.


SATURDAY | 11:00AM-12:00PM

How do I internet? Is Funny Or Die a YouTube channel? Are video phone cameras the future?

201D | Panel: Eliza Skinner, Writer; Darryl Gudmundson, Director of Digital Programming; Dashiell Driscoll, Social Media Producer; Betsy Koch, Executive Producer; Brian Toombs, Director of Strategy

Attention, People of Comedy! Tired of watching your brilliant creations drown in a sea of cat GIFs and inane status updates? Eager to have your hilarious voice heard above the deafening roar of white noise the internet has become? Funny Or Die is here to help. Join us for a panel discussion with our top creative geniuses, who will teach you how to master the tubes and become one with the Web. Ask them questions, get answers, enjoy mic feedback, plus everyone will learn how to make a video for the Internet! Together, like a real family.

Faceless Channels

202 | Moderated by Drew Baldwin, Founder of Tubefilter and the Streamy Awards

Panel: Jonti Picking, Weebl; Mitchell Moffit and Gregory Brown, ASAP Science; BaracksDubs; Phil Ranta, Executive Producer of PronunciationManual; David Jackson, Head of Audience development at Diagonal View; John Babb, Head of Studio at Diagonal View

Some of the most popular content on YouTube is created by people no one will ever recognize…not because they don’t have massive audiences, but because their channels don’t feature their faces! We’ve got them here at VidCon, ready to share their stories about the pros and cons of running a faceless channel.

Growing Up A YouTuber

204 | Moderated by Wil Wheaton

Panel: Tessa Violet, meekakitty; Lucas Cruikshank; Rebecca Black; Trevor Moran; Troye Sivan; Mitchell Davis

Growing up can suck…but imagine doing it in front of hundreds of thousands of people on the internet. Awkward hairdos, embarrassing gaffes, breakups, and puberty… on the screen for all the world to see. Let’s talk to a few folks who spent a sizable portion of their formative years creating on YouTube…what that was like, and with the benefit of hindsight, whether they’d do it again.


205 | Moderated by Mia Garcia, Assistant Manager, Marketing & Advertising, Penguin Young Readers

Panel: Christine, PolandBananasBooks; Kat, Katytastic; Jesse, JessestheReader; Ariel Bissett; Tiernan Bertrand-Essington, TheBookTuber; Priscilla, thereadables

BookTube is a large and growing community at the intersection of books and online video. What is a review? Why do we review? Is getting a free book a conflict of interest? How do you gain credibility as a BookTuber?

Starting Your Channel

206 | Moderated by Yury Polnar Audience Development Strategist, YouTube

Panel: Karem Mohamed, KSic; Ross Everett; Elliott Morgan, Mashable; Nikki Phillippi; Trisha Hershberger, SourceFed; Antonius and Vijay Nazareth, AVbyte

Online video is becoming a crowded space. As more and more high quality content is being created, launching a new channel is increasingly difficult and requires quite
a lot of strategy. Hear from the experts about what they recommend.

Starting A Beauty Channel

207 | Moderated by Chrystina Woody, Vice President of Communications at StyleHaul

Panel: EssieButton; Fleur De Force; Arose186; LoveLaurenElizabeth; Hairodynamic

The strategies for creating a successful new channel change every. Single. Day. Especially for a field as busy as beauty. So we’ve pulled together a collection of beauty vloggers who have gained huge audiences in the last six months to talk about how they keep their communities coming back for more.



SATURDAY | 12:30PM-1:30PM

Diversity on YouTube

202 | Moderated by Bing Chen

Panel: Glozell Green; Lilly Singh, IISuperwomanII; Jimmy Wong; Joe Penna, MysteryGuitarMan; Jessica Flakes, MalfoyIsOurKing; Andre Meadows, Black Nerd Comedy; HartBeat

YouTube has provided a voice to groups that have been massively under-represented in mainstream media. But that doesn’t mean that being a person of color on YouTube comes free of challenges.

Script Writing and Improvisation

204 | Moderated by Kevin Winston, CEO / Founder, Digital LA

Panel: Michael Buckley; Henry Reich, MinutePhysics; Mamrie Hart; Joe Bereta, SourceFed; Emma Blackery; Michelle Glavan

Some creators just sit in front of a camera and let it flow. Some go with an outline to keep things straight. Some write down every word before they ever press record. Online video is a whole new genre of writing…it doesn’t even have a name, but there are plenty of schools of thought.

Why Do We Create?

205 | Moderated by Adorian Deck

Panel: Tay Zonday; Shawna Howson, Nanalew; Mark Douglas and Todd Womack, Barely Political; Elliott Morgan, Mashable; Yousef Erakat, FouseyTube

What keeps successful, or not so successful YouTubers going? Is it the joy of entertaining, drive for success, fame, and money, or something else? Have they ever wanted to quit?

Online vs TV

206 | Chris Hardwick, CEO and Founder, Nerdist Industries

Panel: Lee Newton, SourceFed; Lucas Cruikshank; Ross Everett; Matt Gielen, Director of Programming & Audience Development at Frederator Networks; Harley Morenstein, Epic Meal Time

Some online video creators started out on TV; others made the jump from YouTube to the boob tube. The question is… which is better?

Intro to Making Video Look Good

207 | Moderated by Michael Aranda

Panel: Charlie McDonnell; Brandon Laatsch; Tessa Violet, meekakitty; Hannah and Hilly Hindi, The Hillywood Show; Zach Blume, Partner and Managing Director at Portal A

Part of making great content is making great looking content. Lighting, lenses, sets, color correction, and cameras can all help take your content to the next level.


SATURDAY | 2:00PM-3:00PM 

Workshop: Mobile Video Production

201D | Hosted By Michael Wilhelm, Director of Content,

This workshop teaches you how to use inexpensive apps and equipment to get the most out of your smartphone or tablet. Learn how to capture great video by using the right stabilizers, lenses and microphones. Finally, you’ll learn about the fundamental editing concepts Hollywood uses, and how you can use them to better tell your story.

Our Public Relationship

202 | Moderated by Shira Lazar, What’s Trending Panel: Shay and Colette Butler, ShayTards; Jesse and Jeana Wellens, PrankvsPrank

Online video creators often end up sharing even the most intimate details of their lives with the world. Here, a few couples who’ve documented their relationships online discuss the rewards and challenges of sharing their lives and their love with an unusually large number of people.

Balancing School & YouTube

204 | Moderated by Josie Ahlquist

Panel: Jillian Strifler, ItsJillStrif; Jon Cozart, Paint; Kingsley; Lia Marie Johnson; Ricky Dillon

Succeeding in school is hard, but succeeding on YouTube
is harder. And a precious few are doing both…at the same time. The panelists will discuss how they balance school life with online life.

A Focus on Beauty

206 | Moderated by Amy Neben, Director, Lifestyle and Beauty Partnerships at The Collective Digital Studio

Panel: GigiGorgeous; Louise Pentland, Sprinkle Of Glitter; Nikki Phillipi; Allie Marie Evans; Kandee Johnson; Evelina Barry

A few pioneers of fashion, style, and beauty defined a genre that has taken over as one of the most important and fastest growing genres of online video. This is a chance to discuss why and how it happened, as well as what’s next for this vital part of online video.

It’s On YouTube…But It Looks Like TV

207 | Moderated by Lamarr Wilson, Host of YouTube Weekly on Mashable

Panel: Shawna Howson, Nanalew; Benny Fine; Anna Akana; Portal A; Hannah and Hilly Hindi, The Hillywood Show; Clinton Jones, Pwnisher; Nate Houghteling, Partner and Executive Producer at Portal A

A new kind of content is emerging. As production costs decrease and online video audiences expect more, online video is starting to look a lot more like traditional media. But these productions aren’t cheap. How can we make it work?


SATURDAY | 3:30PM-4:30PM 

Growing Your Channel

202 | Moderated by Bailey Rosser, Audience Development Strategist, YouTube

Panel: Lisa Filipelli, VP of Talent at Big Frame; Elliott Morgan, Mashable; James Haffner, Executive Producer at DeFranco Creative; Elle Fowler, AllThatGlitters21; Blair Fowler, Juicystar07; Yousef Erakat, FouseyTube; Jennifer McDonnell, VP, Partnerships at Kin Community

It’s a battle, getting clicks, getting views, getting noticed, constantly refining your content and your strategies…it’s exhausting. But even though it gets harder every year, it is still possible, as our panelists can attest. So how did they do it? What are the strategies that are working today?

How to Vine

204 | Moderated by Ricky Ray Butler, President of Plaid Social Labs

Panel: Zach King, FinalCutKing; DeStorm Power; Josh Peck; Klarity; Brittany Furlan; Iman Crosson, AlphaCat; Jerome Jarre

People used to say YouTube videos were short. Now creators are making people laugh, cry, scream, or recoil in fear in just six seconds. It’s an entirely new art form. Some of the pioneers of Vine discuss how it all happened and what’s next.

Talking Sex on YouTube

205 | Moderated by Dr. Lindsey Doe, Host of Sexplanations

Panel: Hannah Witton; Laci Green; Nick Jenkins, Sexplanations & Crash Course; Matthew Lush

The internet has finally given the world an open forum on which we can discuss vital yet taboo topics like sex. Of course, it’s still a touchy subject (no pun intended). So how do you share this important information most effectively without getting flagged as adult content?

Pranking Without Being a Douche

207 | Moderated by Jeff Klima, Senior Editor at NewMediaRockstar

Panel: Greg Benson, Mediocre Films; Jesse Wellens, PrankvsPrank; Jillian Strifler, ItsJillStrif; Jack Vale; Stuart Edge; Magic of Rahat

Pranks are one of the most popular genres of online video. But how do we keep people laughing and entertained without going too far? How do you know where the line is… and how do you avoid the temptation to cross over it for a laugh?


SATURDAY | 3:30PM-5:00PM


209 | Moderated by Charlie McDonnell

Intermix is a panel & screening that will show off some of the best short films that have been released on the web. We’ll also talk with some of the people who made them about their passion for filmmaking, how YouTube has played a part and how online video platforms are changing the face of the film industry.