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2017 RECAP

Watch the 2017 highlight reel! WARNING: You’re gonna feel heart pangs, FOMO, and get super excited for this summer!



Check out the creators who will be coming to VidCon this year!



You want to meet your favorite creators and they want to meet you! Here’s how that works at VidCon …


Sample Community Content

Stream Fam

Live streaming is an amazing way to build community and get to know your fans. Hear from VidCon Featured Creators who are total pros at the art of the stream. Listen as they discuss their live streaming experiences and how they’ve been able to connect with their viewers.

Body Image, Gender, Presentation, and Online Video

Hear from influential trans, nonbinary, genderqueer, and gender non-conforming creators as they discuss how being a public figure impacts their identity and perception of themselves. What’s it like to have a constant stream of opinions and comments from fans and the internet at large when dealing with very personal issues? How do they balance public personas with private identities?

Contouring, Cuticles, and Comedy

These gurus don’t just do reviews and tutorials — they make us laugh. Listen as these beauty creators talk about how they keep the comedy coming while doling out pro beauty, fashion, and lifestyle tips.

YouTube Honesty Hour

In the ever-evolving and changing sea of procedures, restrictions, features, rules, and information on YouTube, how do you keep up? How can you find a community of support when things get weird or go wrong? Get ready for 60 minutes of honest, candid conversation as creators talk about the issues on everyone’s minds.