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How/When can I learn more about the next VidCon?

We’ve set up a mailing list that you can subscribe to at vidcon.com/mailinglist so you can be the first to know stuff, when there is stuff to know!

When and where is VidCon 2015?

Location: Anaheim Convention Center, Anaheim California
Dates: Thursday July 23, 2015 – Saturday July 25, 2015
Tentative Time: 8am-midnight each day

What ticket-type should I choose?

  • Do you want to see your favorite creators in meetups or panels, get an autograph, dance into the wee hours, wander the expo hall and festival? Then you should get a Community Track ticket.
  • Do you make videos, and want to attend panels, workshops, and learn more about the process of creating great content for your channel? Then you should get a Creator Track ticket.
  • Are you affiliated with online video in any professional capacity (creator, marketer, executive, admin, production, and so on)? Then you should get an Industry Track ticket.

Does VidCon have a code of conduct?

Of course! Read it here.

Do I have to buy a ticket for each day of VidCon?

You only need one ticket per person. Whether you have a Community, Creator or Industry Pass, it’s good for all three days.

Can I buy a ticket at VidCon, at the door?

Nope, tickets are only available for advance purchase on the internets. Buy your tickets soon before they sell out!

I bought my ticket; Why haven’t I received it in the mail?

You will be able to pick up your badge when you check in at VidCon onsite at the Anaheim Convention Center; we will not be sending you anything via snail mail. Approximately two weeks before VidCon, you will receive a confirmation email that will contain an individualized QR code. This QR code will be your FAST PASS for registration. BRING IT either on your phone or printed, and you will rapidly receive your badge. (You can also check-in with a photo ID & your confirmation email). Onsite registration opens starting on Wednesday in the afternoon and will continue through the event.

What is the hotel situation this year?

We made a pretty sweet website for that. Check out vidcon.com/hotels. If you want a discounted room through VidCon’s block, you must make your reservation through that site. If you get confused, feel free to email us at info@vidcon.com or contact the Housing Bureau directly at anaheimhousing@anaheimoc.org or (714) 765-8868.

How old do I have to be to attend VidCon?

There is no age limit to attend VidCon. If you are under 18 and your parents are okay with you going, then so are we! If you’re under age 13, then we require that you have an adult with you. Ages 8 and younger even get in for free.

Can I volunteer at VidCon?

The deadline to apply to volunteer for VidCon 2015 has passed. Thank you to everyone who applied. You will be notified by the middle of May about acceptance and the volunteer schedule!

Is there a chaperone ticket?

We don’t offer any discounts for parents or chaperones. You are more than welcome to hang out at the hotel or in the new plaza around the Anaheim Convention Center; we just can’t let you into the expo hall, sessions, or Mainstage unless you are registered for a ticket. (Note: this does not apply to those with a disability who require assistance from a caregiver per ADA regulations).

What’s the signing hall situation this year?

For information about the signing lottery click here.
For information about parents and chaperones click here.

How can I modify, change, or cancel my registration?

The deadline to cancel tickets was 11:59 pm PST on Thursday, July 9, 2015 so you will not be able to cancel your ticket for a refund or modify it in any way.

Please Note: If you met this deadline, and you haven’t received your refund yet, remember that refunds are not handled automatically and could take up to a week to process.

If your credit/debit card or bank account has been closed or changed since you purchased your ticket, it may take up to 30 days for the refund to reach your new account. You can call your card issuer or bank for a status on your refund.

Will there be a VidCon UK / East Coast / Mid-West / South America / my bedroom?

At present, we don’t have any plans for a VidCon outside of Anaheim. We dream about it, but so far we’re not planning on it. However, there are online video gatherings and conferences all over the world and we encourage you to attend as well as create them.

Are you doing Disney Day again?

Yes! What better way to celebrate an amazing VidCon than to go to Disneyland with all your new VidCon friends!?! Just like last year, we negotiated a special rate with Disney so we can take over the park again! It was so amazing to visit Disneyland and see so many people walking around in their VidCon shirts. We will be gathering for another gigantic photograph, too.

Disney Day will be Sunday, July 26. Please note that your Disneyland ticket is not included in the price of your VidCon ticket. You will receive a unique link to purchase a ticket to Disney when you purchase your VidCon registration.

A group photo is planned between 1:00 and 1:30 pm on July 26th inside California Adventure in the Paradise Park area.

Is {Insert Awesome Person’s Name Here} going to be at VidCon 2015?

Maybe! But keep in mind that 1) Some of our special guests have not yet registered and 2) that awesome person might be planning to go to VidCon on their own (anyone and everyone is more than welcome to attend)!

Will I meet my favorite creator at VidCon?

There is no guarantee that you will meet, take a photo with, or get an autograph from any particular Featured Creator at VidCon. If the ONLY reason you’re coming is just to meet a particular creator, you may want to reconsider buying a ticket. It’s just not possible for creators to meet everyone in one short weekend. We hope you understand, and please enjoy the many other exciting parts of VidCon beyond meet & greets. Please note there will be no refunds issued after 11:59pm PST on Wednesday, July 9th.

Can I sing, dance, or drag at VidCon?

Yes, yes, and yes. We want you to be yourself, and have fun! As long as your actions are safe, legal, and appropriate for a family event, you are more than welcome to flaunt your stuff at VidCon 2015.

What else is there to do around the ACC?

Click here to find out!

Does Con stand for Conference or Convention?

We’re not sure…to be totally honest. A little of both, I guess.

VidCon is to ComiCon as _____ is to _____?

A corndog; pizza.

Do you have to be a YouTuber to attend VidCon?

Nope! Anyone and everyone is welcome.


Have another question?

Send us an email at info@vidcon.com and we’ll see what we can do.