When and where is VidCon 2016?

Location: Anaheim Convention Center, Anaheim California
Dates: Thursday June 23, 2016 – Saturday June 25, 2016
Tentative Time: 8 a.m. to midnight each day

How long will tickets be available? How long will they be available at these prices?

Tickets are currently on sale here and will be available until we sell out, not until a certain date. This also goes for Super Early Bird and Early Bird pricing; we don’t know for sure how long those will be up for grabs as the price is based on number sold and not time. We advise that you get your ticket as early as you’re able to do so in order to take advantage of those prices! 

What ticket type should I choose?

  • Do you want to see your favorite creators in meetups or panels, get an autograph, dance into the wee hours, wander the Expo Hall and festival? Then you should get a Community Track ticket.
  • Do you make videos or want to attend panels and workshops to learn more about the process of creating great content for a channel? Then you should get a Creator Track ticket.
  • Are you affiliated with online video in any professional capacity (creator, marketer, executive, admin, production, and so on)? Then you should get an Industry Track ticket.

Do I have to buy a ticket for each day of VidCon?

Nope – your ticket will get you into all three days of VidCon. We will not be selling individual day passes.

Can I buy a ticket at VidCon, at the door?

No; tickets are only available for advance purchase on the internets. Buy your tickets soon before they sell out!

What is the cancellation policy for tickets?

You will have until June 6, 2016 at 11:59 p.m. PT to modify or cancel your registration. For any cancellations before that date, you will receive a full refund minus a $10 processing fee. After that date, we cannot accept any modifications or cancellations.

Please note: Refunds can take up to a week to process, and possibly longer depending on your bank or card issuer. If you have changed banks or no longer have access to the account you used to purchase your VidCon badge please email info@vidcon.com before cancelling your ticket.

When and where can I pick up my badge?

You will be able to pick up your badge when you check in onsite at the Anaheim Convention Center. One to two weeks before VidCon, you will receive an email that will contain an individualized QR code; this QR code will be your fast pass for registration. Bring it either on your phone or printed, and you will rapidly receive your badge. (You can also check-in with a photo ID & a copy of your confirmation email). Onsite registration opens on Wednesday, June 22 and will continue through the event.

Are there any age restrictions at VidCon?

Children 8 and under are free but must be accompanied by an 18+ ticket holder at all times. Ages 9-12 must purchase tickets and have an 18+ chaperone with them at all times. If you are over 13 and your parents are okay with you being alone at VidCon, then so are we!

Is there a chaperone ticket?

There are no free or discounted chaperone tickets available; if you are going to VidCon just to accompany your child or another minor, you still must purchase your own ticket. (Note: this does not apply to those with a disability who require assistance from a caregiver per ADA regulations).

What accommodations are provided for people with disabilities?

If you are an attendee with disabilities, VidCon wants to make your experience as fun and as entertaining as possible, but there are a few limitations on what can be provided. 

  • There is designated seating for people in wheelchairs at large programming events, but programming rooms fill up quickly, and all seating is on a first-come, first-served basis, so special seating may not be available if you wait until the last minute to get to the room. Please read the Agenda and plan your day accordingly, keeping in mind the popularity of most events.
  • VidCon does not provide wheelchairs to rent directly through the Anaheim Convention Center. The ACC does, however, recommend this vendor if you or another attendee should need to rent one for the weekend.
  • Service animals are permitted on the Anaheim Convention Center campus as long as documentation can be provided by the owner. However, the crime deterrent effects of an animal’s presence and provision of emotional support, well-being, comfort or companionship do not constitute work or tasks under the ADA definition of service animal. For more on service animals at the ACC, click here.

Does VidCon have a code of conduct?

Of course! Read it here.

Are you guys doing the Signing & Photo Hall Lottery again?

Yep! For an overview of the signing lottery click here.

Is [Insert Awesome Person’s Name Here] going to be at VidCon 2016?

Maybe! But keep in mind that 1) Some of these Featured Creators have not yet registered and 2) that awesome person might be planning to go to VidCon on their own!

How can I definitely meet my favorite creator?

There is no guarantee that you will meet, take a photo with, or get an autograph from your favorite creator – it is just not possible for the creators to meet all of their fans in such a short weekend. We hope that you understand the circumstances and constraints of this event, and we strongly encourage you to reconsider your ticket purchase if you are only coming to VidCon to meet one certain Featured Creator. There are lots of great things to do at VidCon besides meeting Featured Creators, though, so we’re sure you’ll have a great time even if you don’t get a chance to meet your fave.

Do you guys need volunteers for this year?

Yes! When you register for VidCon, you will be asked if you would like to volunteer. If you click yes there, you should receive an email sometime mid-winter to start the application process. Until then, for general information about volunteering at VidCon, click here.

How can I be a sponsor or exhibitor for VidCon 2016?

If you’re interested in sponsoring, email the folks at sponsorship@vidcon.com. If you’d rather have a 10×10 booth on our expo floor, email expo@vidcon.com.

How and where can I find a hotel room?

For general information about getting a hotel room for while you’re at VidCon, check out this page. VidCon attendees get first pick on the discounted rooms, but you must go through our site in order to receive the discount.  If you have questions or need to make changes on a reservation you’ve already made, you can contact the Housing Bureau directly at anaheimhousing@anaheimoc.org or (714) 765-8868.

How do I get to there?

Information on nearby airports can be found on this page right here. There are lots of shuttle services, car rental companies, and public transport options to be had in order to get you from point A to B. Click here to find out more.

Will there be a VidCon UK / East Coast / Indonesia / South America / Mars?

At present, we don’t have any plans for a VidCon outside of Anaheim. We dream about it, but so far we’re not planning on it. However, there are online video gatherings and conferences all over the world and we encourage you to attend as well as create them.

Are you doing Disney Day again?

Yes! Disney Day will take place on Sunday, June 26 after VidCon, but tickets will not be ready for purchase until December or January. We will notify all registered attendees when Disney tickets go on sale. Please note that your Disneyland ticket is not included in the price of your VidCon ticket. We’ll be doing a group photo again too! More info to come when it’s confirmed.

Can I sing, dance, or drag at VidCon?

Yes, yes, and yes. We want you to be yourself, and have fun! As long as your actions are safe, legal, and appropriate for a family event, you are more than welcome to flaunt your stuff at VidCon 2016.

Have another question?

Send us an email at info@vidcon.com and we’ll see what we can do.

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