What’s going on at VidCon?


Get outside and enjoy that California sunshine! Hungry? Grab a bite at one of our many Food Trucks! Want to listen to music? Check out the performances on the AwesomenessTV festival stage and the nightly Hollister Concert Series. Hang out with your friends and join in on the fun!

Catch all of the smiles at VidCon from the top of the AwesomenessTV X Invisalign Ferris Wheel. Be sure to share yours by unlocking and using the custom Invisalign Snapchat Filters!

Get your sequin smile on at the Invisalign AwesomenessTV Sequin Trampoline!

Stop, Smile and “Eat What You Want” at the Invisalign Snack Station.


Watch some of the most talented creators live and in person! We know you’ve listened to all of their songs. Sing along with them at one (or more) of the many outdoor festival concerts and performances at VidCon!


If you’re hungry, you gotta stop at the trucks for a snack, a meal, or even a sweet treat! The large variety of food will cater to many different dietary needs.

Daytime Activities

Meet & Greets

The Meet & Greet Lottery is the ONLY way to have access to the Meet & Greet Hall at the 9th Annual VidCon, where Meet & Greets with Featured Creators will take place.


Small groups of VidCon Featured Creators explore tough topics, describe hilarious problems, and share inspiring stories about all aspects of online video culture.

Q & A's

You’ve got questions, VidCon’s Featured Creators have answers — and one hour to get through as many as they can.

Evening Entertainment


We hope you packed your dancing shoes because there’s no better way to celebrate the end of VidCon than VidCon Prom. Dance along with your pals at this Epic Dance Party you won’t want to miss.

Movie Nights

If you’re tired from a long day but not quite ready to go back to your hotel room, boy have we got the event for you. Sit back, relax, and eat some delicious popcorn every night of VidCon. We’ll be watching a different movie on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

Night of Dance

Dance your Friday night away at the Night of Dance which showcases and celebrates some of the best performance acts on YouTube.

Night of Awesome

Start the last night of VidCon with some of the biggest stars of online video and beyond in this all-out show celebration! Sing, laugh, and dance along with friends old and new while you get to see some of our biggest Featured Creators one last time on stage.

Expo Halls & Activities

Are you looking for fun? What about Music? Mystery? INTRIGUE? Look no further than our Expo Halls where we have over 100 booths and exhibitors and approximately one million things to do. You’ll never be bored here, but if you need a place to relax…feel free to take a breather in one of our chill lounges.

What else happens inside the expo halls?


Look to your left…now look to your right! There is something new to do around every corner. We have over 100 booths in our Expo Halls ready to entertain you, not to mention a number of other fun shenanigans. In the past we’ve had make your own slushies, a giant ball pit, an obstacle course and so much more. See for yourself!

Live Performances

While you are wandering the Expo Halls, you’ll notice that some of these booths feature live performances with a number of different creators. Each booth has their own schedule so you’ll want to keep an eye out for when your fave is performing!

The Gigantic Beast

The world’s largest inflatable obstacle course will make it’s debut at VidCon this year. If you think you have what it takes to conquer the Gigantic Beast, you’ll find this challenge in the Expo Halls!

Resources to help you get the most out of your VidCon


VidCon will take place June 20 – June 23 at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim California, followed by a “Disney Day” on Sunday.


A 4-day celebration of online video is a lot to prepare for! Here are some resources to help you and your friends as you look forward to June!


How excited are you for VidCon this summer?! Us too. Check out some of the activities and extracurriculars you can do to make your VidCon even more awesome!