27 Industry Track master classes taught by top industry experts.

Learn how to build audiences and make money on musical.ly, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and Snapchat. Dive into the secrets of the Facebook and YouTube algorithms. Learn how to drive knowledge and insight. Explore tips and tricks on developing 360, AR, and VR videos, and much, much more. More about the Industry Track.

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Thursday, June 22

9:00 am

  • 7 Fundamentals To Maximize Selling With Video
    The infomercial is alive and reborn as emotionally charged short-form online videos that can convert at very high rates. In this session, Jeremy will break down the science behind selling with video. You will learn the 7 most important concepts and how to apply them to your projects, all designed to turn viewers into customers. Jeremy Vest, Founder & CEO VidPow – Seminar Instructor
  • Understanding the Influence between Brand and Content Creators
    When brands engage creators with an interest in doing an “Influencer Program,” there are ways to make that process seamless and simple. But that’s easier said than done. The experts at Curiosity and their guest creators and brands will dig into successful examples, key components, and provide a template for launching an influencer program from start to finish. Michael Burke, Head of Partnerships Curiosity.com – Seminar Instructor

10:00 am

  • Lessons From Launching Daily Live Programming on Facebook, Twitch, YouTube and more
    How do you build successful live experiences across different platforms? Al Roker’s media company has built success with cooking shows on Twitch, a daily live Facebook show with Mario Armstrong, and much more. Join Jon Burk, director of digital strategy, as he shares insights on how to craft platform intentional live programming, best ways to measure and determine success, and how to integrate brands into the mix. Jon Burk, Director of Content Marketing and Digital Strategy Roker Entertainment – Seminar Instructor
  • Reverse Engineering The YouTube Algorithm Expanded
    In his second essay on the subject, Matt Gielen deconstructed how YouTube uses various elements of demographic information and machine learning to promote videos across its site to audiences. Matt presents the high level view of his findings, with details on how you as a creator or video publisher can leverage these algorithm discoveries to build your audience. Matt Gielen, Founder and CEO Little Monster Media Company – Seminar Instructor

11:00 am

  • Hacking the Facebook Algorithm – Inside Facebook’s Secret Promotional Code
    Jumpwire Media is constantly testing and re-testing Facebook’s promotional algorithm, varying image types, elements and other meta-data. CEO Gavin McGarry shares the secrets his organization has learned to help you drive more exposure, more likes and more shares for your Facebook content. Gavin McGarry, President Jumpwire Media – Seminar Instructor
  • Bypass TV – How to Reach Millennials with Mobile Video
    Media consumption habits are changing fast, especially among young adults ages 18 to 34. In fact, recent research shows millennials are twice as likely to focus on video on mobile as they are on TV. But you can’t just throw a TV ad onto mobile – you need to optimize for the platform. This session draws on lessons from brands like Hillshire Snacking, Schick, Skintimate and Stoli, detailing how they achieved TV-like reach and engagement with a mobile-only strategy. Learn the secrets of how creative content optimization, mobile-specific word selection and cost-effective placement strategies can dramatically increase both impressions and engagement rates. Dan Greenberg, CEO and Co-Founder Sharethrough – Seminar Instructor

12:00 pm

  • Case Study: Launching Entertainment Products With 360 Influencer Campaigns
    When Ubisoft was planning its launch of Tom Clancy’s The Division, the video game publisher partnered with Ben Group, Devin Supertramp, Corridor Digital and other influencers to create an award winning multiplatform campaign that was extremely successful in driving day one and ongoing sales of the video game. This session brings together Devin Supertramp and Jake Watson of Corridor Digital with Ubisoft execs and Ben account execs to talk about what worked, why and the lessons learned around how to successfully implement these types of campaigns. Jake Watson, Creative Director Corridor Digital – Panelist; Ricky Ray Butler, Global CCO BEN (Brand Entertainment Network) – Panelist; Ben Swanson, Associate Director, Digital Marketing & Content Strategy Ubisoft – Panelist; Devin Graham, Creator Devin Supertramp – Panelist
  • How to Produce VR Video
    Tom Small, YouTube’s top VR expert, covers practical tips on how to create VR, what works and what doesn’t. Thomas Small, Virtual Reality Lead YouTube Spaces – Seminar Instructor

2:15 pm

  • How to Build A Corporate Culture of Data
    Data is a fundamental element of digital media. It’s intertwined with everything we do and when you harness it right you can uncover incredible insights that make your content better, build your audiences and increase sales. There’s so much data available that even if you build a specialized and dedicated data team they still won’t be able to manage and interpret all of it. The only way to manage this flood of data in today’s modern digital media companies is to empower every employee to be a data expert. But how do you do that? This seminar provides a detailed road map to how to transform your organization into a data-first group, drawing on Gwen Miller’s experience doing just that at Kin Community. Learn how you can first become an expert data evangelist, then best practices for developing custom data priorities for every individual and team and then how to teach those teams to replicate the process outwards, and begin their own personal data journeys. Gwen Miller, Director of Data and Strategy Kin Community – Seminar Instructor

3:15 pm

  • Navigating Risk in the Brand/Influencer Relationship
    Having an influencer or celebrity as a brand spokesperson can be enormously beneficial and also enormously risky. For as many successful celebrity/brand partnerships there are, there are just as many that experience (and either endure or collapse under) a character-based crises. These events can not only erode the value of the sponsorship but also cause further damage to a brand’s public image. This seminar will navigate the potential risks within a brand/influencer sponsorship relationship and cover steps brands should take before getting into business with an influencer, what influencers should do to protect themselves, effecting protection in the sponsorship agreement for both sides, and how to deal with a crisis and move past it. Scott Hervey, Partner Weintraub Tobin – Seminar Instructor

4:15 pm

  • Growth Hacking YouTube: Triggering Algrorithm Driven Views
    More than half of all viewership on YouTube comes from the video discovery algorithm. These traffic sources are the true key for massive channel growth on YouTube. Come learn how this algorithm works, the main triggers, and how to use it to make it work for your channel. Derral Eves, CEO Creatus – Seminar Instructor

Friday, June 23

9:00 am

  • 10 Types of Videos You Need to Push Your Audience Through the Funnel
    How do you make sure you’re producing and posting all the types of videos you need to really engage your audience from the top all the way through to the bottom of the sales and marketing funnel? In this session you’ll learn about the 10 essential types of videos you need to create to ensure your prospects turn into profitable customers – including The Demand Generator video, the Social Cyclone video, how and when to implement a thought-leadership campaign, and the Tipping Point video that turns the curious into customers. Jeremy Pryor, CEO Epipheo – Seminar Instructor

10:00 am

  • How to respond when Facebook or YouTube throws a curveball
    Video creators and audience development professionals are increasingly putting major social video platforms at the center of their online video strategy. But those platforms can make small algorithm changes that carry massive implications for how users discover your videos. Get insights on video strategy and tactical execution from Josh Kreitzman, Vice President of Programming and Publishing at Jukin Media, who has implemented a strategy that nets Jukin more than 1.5+ billion video views per month across social platforms. Josh Kreitzman, Senior Vice President of Publishing and Programming Jukin Media – Seminar Instructor
  • CASE STUDY: Powering Brand Stories through IRL Experiences
    In June 2016, Bose wanted to raise their brand profile amongst music fans and global audiences alike by being on the ground at Superfly’s Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival. Over the course of the festival weekend, Superfly and Bose engaged four influencers to attend, capture and share their personal Bonnaroo experiences. With first person IRL and behind the scenes content, Bose was able to pull back the curtain on the Bonnaroo experience while layering in brand storytelling. This session will bring together one of the four influencers, along with execs from Bose and Superfly to share details on what worked, what didn’t, how the end results were measured and how your company can apply these lessons to similar experiences. Joshua Glasheen, Global Partnership Marketing Bose Corporation – Panelist; Shan Lui, Director of Programming & Influencer Relations Superfly – Panelist; Cammie Scott, CREATOR 0 – Panelist; Jack Reed, CEO Millennial Entertainment – Panelist

11:00 am

  • Creating a Successful Snapchat Series
    With Snapchat dominating mobile video viewership, we’re starting to see more and more brands program content specifically to the platform. What started exclusively on Snapchat Discover has now grown to brands, publishers and influencers of all shapes and sizes producing episodic content on Snap. In this workshop, we’ll talk about what it takes to storyboard and produce an original series on Snapchat, including our experiences producing original content for companies like The Recording Academy (The Grammys), the UFC, NBC Sports, Marriott Rewards, Lowe’s, and more. Nick Cicero, Founder and CEO Delmondo – Seminar Instructor

12:00 pm

  • Making the Right Strategic Influencer Decisions for YOUR Brand
    Influencer marketing is all the rage these days, and many brands are jumping into it without thinking through the ramifications. This session provides a structure process for brands to go through to get the most out of influencer marketing. Chris Younger, Principal Ayzenberg Group – Seminar Instructor

1:00 pm

  • Social Video Secrets from Buzzfeed’s Experts
    How do they do it? Buzzfeed consistently ranks as one of the top social video producers in views, creativity and shareability. In this session three of Buzzfeed’s video team share their insights on how great, shareable video gets produced – from coming up with the ideas, to packaging and promoting the video to the data and insights that drive the whole process. Ella Mielniczenko , Executive Producer BuzzFeed – Seminar Instructor; Maycie Thornton, Director of Social Media BuzzFeed – Panelist; Rico Moorer, Chief of Staff to Ze Frank BuzzFeed – Seminar Instructor
  • Do’s and Don’ts with Instagram Video – from National Geographic
    How did National Geographic turn their Instagram account into a video powerhouse with more than 70 million monthly views? It started, luckily, with one of the top photo-centric accounts, but that wasn’t enough. This session will draw on NatGeo’s experience and will provide hands on instruction as how anyone with an instagram account can grow a video presence, using best practices tips, tricks, secrets and more. This session also dives into Instagram Live, and explores what works and what doesn’t here as well. James Williams, VP of Digital Video National Geographic – Seminar Instructor; Patrick Witty, Deputy Director of Photography National Geographic – Seminar Instructor

2:00 pm

  • VR for Creators 101
    The rectangular screen is gone! Now we must ask how can we, as creators, paint a picture on a new canvas? VRScout’s Ryan Bell shares the secrets of content creation, inexpensive tools and cameras to get you started and the mentality of working on a new medium. Join the discussion and find out the most exciting ways to shoot 360 video, what Hollywood is thinking, the newest applications in the genre and wax poetic on the very exciting future of storytelling. Ryan A Bell, Founder Periscope Community Summit – Seminar Instructor
  • How an Unexpected Mash-Up of Influencers and PR Delivers ROMI to Brands
    Over the past 15 years, public relations and online video expert Greg Jarboe has refined an innovative approach to PR using targeted identification of influencers, specific engagement strategies to attract their interest, and practical ways to measure the return on marketing investment (ROMI) for these initiatives. The results speak for themselves: $2.5 million in tickets sales for Southwest Airlines; 450,000 unique visitors in 24 hours for The Christian Science Monitor; 129,155 online entries into a cover photo contest for Parents magazine; and $29,970 in incremental revenue at a cost of only $2,323 for Rutgers Business School Executive Education. In this session, Greg will share the counter-intuitive best practices and strategies for getting a positive ROMI from your brand’s PR. Greg Jarboe, President and co-founder SEO-PR – Seminar Instructor

3:00 pm

  • Harnessing the Power of Digital Storytelling Across the Globe
    What are the fastest growing international markets for influencer marketing, and how can brands engage new audiences without alienating them? Success depends on the content vertical, platform, device, and unique local viewing demographics. Join the CreatorUp seminar to learn insights from our experience around the globe to discuss trends, proven strategies and best practices from creators and brands in five emerging digital markets: Mexico City, Sao Paolo, Mumbai, Seoul and London. Natalia Iragorri, Branded Digital Content Director CreatorUp – Seminar Instructor; Eugene Choi, CEO Collab Asia – Seminar Instructor

4:00 pm

  • 360 Video Best Practices
    Since installing a VR theatre in their Vegas-based research facility earlier this year, Nielsen has tested over 100 VR experiences with general consumers from across the country. Join Nielsen Director of VR & Lab Research Harry Brisson as he dives into their testing database to investigate what content qualities drive the most positive experiences in 360 video — identifying actionable steps 360 video creators can take to ensure their content is effective both for consumers and for brand sponsors. Harry Brisson, Director of Lab Research Nielsen – Seminar Instructor

5:00 pm

  • Beyond Organic: getting the Best ROI Out of a Branded Content Operation
    Branded content operations can often have spectacular results with audiences in terms of engagement. However, brand clients often find it hard to get precise KPIs of their campaign, beyond superficial impressions, and when they do, can be disappointed by its poor reach and targeting. A data–driven approach to both selection of the influencer, and then to paid amplification of the organic reach of the video, yields spectacular and measurable improvements for brand content operations. Marine Sandrin, COO Wizdeo – Seminar Instructor; Marc Valentin, CEO & Founder Wizdeo – Seminar Instructor