Creators want to meet and talk to the people who love their content, and the people who love their content want to meet them.

For the last few years, we have held an online Meet & Greet Lottery to give everyone an equal chance of meeting their favorite creator. This ensures that no one waits in line needlessly only to be disappointed when a session is full, and it reduces the length of time people are waiting in Meet & Greet Hall lines in general.

The VidCon Meet & Greet Lottery will open on May 1 and run through May 15. (Results go out on May 22.)


Here’s how it works:

The Meet & Greet Lottery is open to Community and Industry attendees only.
Creator Track attendees do not have access to the Meet & Greet Hall or Lottery.



The Meet & Greet Lottery is the ONLY way to have access to the Meet & Greet Hall at the 9th Annual VidCon, where Meet & Greets with Featured Creators will take place.

If you want to meet Featured Creators, you MUST have entered the Meet & Greet Lottery. This is not a first-come, first-served lottery — you can take your time submitting your choices before the deadline.

How to enter

  • Log in to the Lottery site (lottery will be open May 1 through May 15) with your email address and registration ticket or order number (You can find this in the confirmation email you received when you purchased your ticket — the ticket number will start with TK). If you purchased multiple tickets, be sure to enter the Lottery with each one!
  • Rank your top 15 Featured Creator picks for the Lottery. The order you put people in matters, so put the person you want to see the most in spot #1. You must rank 15 creators — if you don’t rank and save 15 creators, your entry will not be submitted!
  • Save your lottery picks. You may log back into the Lottery at any time and modify your choices, but your choices will be locked in and FINALIZED by May 15 at 11:59 PM (PT).
  • That’s it! When the Lottery closes, we will run the computerized system that determines who gets into which Meet & Greets, based on everyone’s preferences.
  • Lottery results will be made available one week later. We will email you on that day to let you know that the Meet & Greet Lottery results are finalized, and you’ll be able to log back into the lottery site to see which Meet & Greets you received!
  • All Lottery results are Final. We will not be able to make any modifications to your results.


In the interest of allowing as many people as possible to participate in the Meet & Greets, most sessions will utilize our Professional Photography service. Our photographer will take a high-quality photo, which you can then access online for free shortly after your session. You can download, save, and share these photos, which look great and make the process easier for creators and attendees alike! You will find out which sessions include professional photos when you receive your lottery results. No selfies in professional photo sessions! Photos can take up to 48 hours to populate so don’t worry if you aren’t seeing your picture right away!

Buddy System

Want to join the Lottery with a friend? Good news, we have the Buddy System for that very reason!

You can join lottery entries with one other registered attendee using our Buddy System. If you join entries with another attendee, you and the attendee with whom you linked entries will receive the same lottery results. It is not possible to enter the Buddy System with more than one other person.

To join registrations, simply click, “Join another person to this entry” under Buddy System and enter the email and Ticket (TK) Number of the person with whom you want to join entries.

After you join entries, either Buddy may log in and modify the lottery picks. Either Buddy can disconnect the join at any time by clicking “Break Join.”

NOTE: Utilizing the Buddy System does not increase your chances of getting any particular Featured Creator in the lottery — it is simply a way to attend Meet & Greets with a friend!

Chaperone Policy

If you are a chaperone (18 years or older) of a child and want to accompany them in the Meet & Greet Hall for their Meet & Greets, you will be permitted to enter as long as you have purchased a VidCon ticket. If you are chaperoning a child, you will not get to participate in their Meet & Greets, but you may accompany them into the Meet & Greet Hall and wait in the designated chaperone area. If you would like to be in the photograph that is taken, you will also need to have been selected for that Meet & Greet session via the lottery. All Meet & Greet information will be stored within an RFID wristband. This new system means that transfer of Meet & Greet results from parent/chaperone to their child is no longer possible.

Have other questions about chaperoning? Check out our Chaperone Resources or Parents Page.

When you get to VidCon

When you arrive at Registration to get your VidCon badge and RFID wristband, the info for each of the meet & greets you were selected for in the lottery will be automatically attached to your wristband, and you’ll be good to go! If your Meet & Greets are on Thursday morning, try to check in and pick up your badge on Wednesday — that way you can go straight to your Meet & Greet on Thursday morning.

Trading of Meet & Greet wristbands is NOT permitted, and if a wristband has been tampered with in any way, it will not be honored.

That’s it! Once again, the Meet & Greet Lottery will open on May 1, 2018!