Creators want to meet and talk to the people who love their content, and the people who love their content want to meet them.

For the last few years, we have held an online Meet & Greet lottery to give everyone an equal chance of meeting their favorite creator. This ensures that no one waits in line needlessly only to be disappointed when a session is full, and it reduces the length of time people are waiting in Meet & Greet hall lines in general.

The VidCon Meet & Greet Lottery is now closed

When you get to VidCon

When you arrive at Registration in Hall D to get your VidCon badge, wristbands for each of your signings will be put on your arm, and you’ll be good to go! Just show up to the go90 Meet & Greet Hall on the day and time indicated on each of your wristbands! If your Meet & Greets are on Thursday morning, try to check in and pick up your badge on Wednesday — that way you can go straight to your Meet & Greet on Thursday morning.

Trading of Meet & Greet wristbands is NOT permitted, and if a wristband has been tampered with in any way, it will not be honored.


The Meet & Greet Lottery is the ONLY way to have access to the go90 Meet & Greet Hall at the 8th Annual VidCon, where Meet & Greets with Featured Creators will take place. VidCon is not holding any unticketed Meet & Greets.

Keep an eye on @go90XO for ways to meet [email protected] talent.

Here’s how it works: