Interested in Sponsoring the 10th Annual VidCon US?

Becoming a sponsor of VidCon gives you a unique way to connect with, interact with, learn from, and target the different communities that gather at VidCon each year. Each sponsorship can be tailored to a specific audience—from our Community, Creator, and Industry Track attendees to our VIP Featured Creators, performers, and stars.

Sponsorship opportunities include booths in the Expo Hall, private lounges, parties, programming, and more!

We cherish the relationships we’ve built with our sponsors and know that our event would not be nearly as impactful, entertaining or fun without them. We look forward to working with you to help customize your experience as a sponsor of VidCon.

Get your brand in the center of the VidCon Action!

Feel free to fill out the form below, or email us directly at Alternatively, if you’re interested in a 10×10 in the Expo Hall this year, please email

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