Amber (Ambers Closet)

Amber Whittington, also known as AmbersCloset, is an actress, activist, business consultant, and social media personality who specializes in creating YouTube videos. Her videos range from challenges, comedy skits, motivational videos, fashion, vlogging her everyday life, LGBT topics, and more. Her channel has grown rapidly because of her contagious inspirational personality, the comfortability that she has in her own skin, and her willingness to be open. Amber knows exactly who she is and she’s not afraid to show it! She started her channel to help others that may be struggling with their identity, to break stereotypes, as well as to showcase her unique androgynous/tomboy style. She is a big part of the LGBT community, often hosting parties of all types, volunteering at the LGBT Center, and speaking on LGBT panels. Amber’s followers are gay, straight, young, old, men, and womenpeople from all walks of life from all over the world who seem to be able to relate to her life in some way or find her entertaining.

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