Isabel Bedoya (itsisabelbedoya)

Known to her 2 million + followers as the Instagram sensation, @itsisabelbedoya, Isabel Bedoya is not just another vlogger looking to impress people with her social media posts. Bedoya uses fun Instagram clips, and her DIY videos directed at her 94k+ YouTube subscribers, as platforms to make an impact on women of all shapes and sizes; encouraging them to discover the beauty within.
From Sephora to MAC and Benefit Cosmetics, Bedoya has collaborated with some of the top beauty industry thought leaders in delivering her message of beauty, self-confidence and empowerment. Amongst a sold out show of attendees, this 21 year old has taken Beauty Con, IMATS and New York Fashion Week by storm with her boldly delivered messages that are heavily rooted in hope and determination.  

Here's where you'll find Isabel Bedoya (itsisabelbedoya)