Dena Takruri (AJ+)

Dena Takruri is a Senior Presenter at AJ+ and one of the channel's founding members. She is recognized for her bold and immersive reporting, characterized by speaking truth to power in any setting and giving voice to those unheard. Many of her videos have gone viral, earning millions of views on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.

Dena has reported internationally on tensions between North Korea and the U.S., Catalonia's independence crisis, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and Europe's refugee crisis, where she was one of the first journalists to ever broadcast using Facebook Live in 2015. Among the U.S. domestic stories she's covered are the 2016 presidential race, Flint's water crisis, AIPAC's annual policy conference, the fight against the Dakota Access Pipeline at Standing Rock, and ICE's crackdown on undocumented people under Trump. She has extensively covered the #BlackLivesMatter movement and issues related to Arab and Muslim communities in the U.S.

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