Elyse Willems is a member of the comedy gaming channel "Funhaus." Known for her quick wit, zany personality, and hilarious video edits, Elyse is a comedic force on-screen and off. In addition to Funhaus, Elyse can be seen and heard in "Red Vs Blue," "Eleven Little Roosters," "Sex Swing the Animated Series," "Hey Ash, Whatcha Playin?", "Squad Wars," and more.  

James Willems is a Founding Member and Lead Producer of Funhaus. His comedic timing and ruthless game commentary have established him as the "funny-man" of the group. When not riffing on the humorous absurdity of old and new pop-culture events, James is often Producing, Editing, and/or Writing for Funhaus. His work outside of Funhaus has been featured in Red Vs. Blue, Camp Camp, Eleven Little Roosters, Million Dollars But.., Squad Wars, Sex Swing The Animated Series, and Creepy Text Theatre.

Lawrence Sonntag is a producer and content creator for Funhaus, a gaming and comedy group in the Rooster Teeth family. Despite humble beginnings in a small Texas town, his love of gaming and tech culture resulted in a career in online media in addition to becoming a trained stunt performer, once appearing on Japanese television, and losing a professional wrestling match.

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