Merrell Twins

With over 2 million subscribers on their YouTube channel, Veronica and Vanessa have some of the most loyal and engaging fans on YouTube. They are at the forefront of live streaming and won the first ever Streamy in that category in 2016. They are some of the biggest talent on YouNow and are amongst a small group which has been hired by YouTube to broadcast and consult for their Live platform. They are currently some of the first influencers to be experimenting with live formats for their channel like talk shows, challenges and broadcasting their personal events. They regularly get no less than 500k views for YouTube Live and have amassed over 6.5 million views on YouNow. In the traditional space, Veronica and Vanessa recurred on JANE THE VIRGIN for the past three years, as well as starred in their first feature THE STAND OFF directed by Ilyssa Goodman, which can be seen on Netflix.They are just coming off of a Choice Female Web Star nomination in this year’s Teen Choice Awards.

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