John McCarus (Chief Marketing Officer - WatchMojo)

As CMO, John drives marketing and strategy for this Canadian-based YouTube centric infotainment powerhouse. As a top ten YouTube channel, WatchMojo has consistently delivered one of the highest average watch times in YouTube history with over 8 billion all time channel views and over 45 bil minutes of watch time. WatchMojo's viewer inspired long form top ten format has transformed the way millennials consume gaming, video, tv and sports news for its 15 million subscribers. Check out our newest project - The Lineup, a team based sports trivia game show. McCarus is also the Founder of Content consultancy - Content-Ink, and works with start ups in the digital video space. As one of the original founders of The Newfronts, McCarus is a long time evangelist for the importance of independent content and its creators and the new breed of talent that is now shaping agencies and publishers in the quest for innovation and new formats in brand funded custom content. Prior to forming Content-Ink, McCarus served as Chief Strategy Officer for Media General's digital portfolio and before that spent 8 years at DigitasLbi, where he led the agency's social.content practice.

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