Cyrus Ghahremani (Executive Producer - Super Deluxe)

Cyrus Ghahremani is executive producer at Super Deluxe, an omni-platform entertainment company that’s part of the Turner family. As head of the Live team, Cyrus has developed innovative programming that takes interactivity to the next level by allowing viewers to participate in real-time and take control of the program. Whether they’re picking ingredients for some nightmare sandwich, competing against each other in a rap battle, writing the lyrics for its in-house band to perform, or choosing the plot twists in a soap opera, Super Deluxe’s viewers are immersed in the experience -- creatively and socially. Super Deluxe’s live programming is “perhaps the most ambitious use of live video by any media outlet,” says the LA Weekly. The audience is on board too: “These videos rack up hundreds of thousands or sometimes millions of views, which makes Super Deluxe [Facebook’s] biggest star,” The Verge writes. Before joining Super Deluxe, Cyrus contributed original music to several programs on Adult Swim and Comedy Central (including Kroll Show, The Eric Andre Show, and Another Period). He’s also recorded with Snoop Dogg and toured with Shannon and the Clams.

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