Jamin Warren (Founder and CEO - Kill Screen)

Jamin Warren founded Kill Screen, a media company and agency that focuses on play + interactivity. He also served as an advisor for the Museum of Modern Art’s design depart, acted as cluster chair for the Gaming category for the Webbys, and hosted Game/Show for PBS Digital Studios. He knows all things interactive from virtual reality to esports to game development. As a content strategy and development house, Kill Screen’s past and present clients include GE, Intel, PBS, MoMA, Warby Parker, Tribeca Enterprises and more. Jamin works with brands and agencies to help them unlock the power of play and is a big believer in how story can transform the way you speak to your audience. He has produced events such as the Versions conference for VR arts and creativity, in partnership with NEW INC. He has also programmed the first Tribeca Games Festival, the groundbreaking Arcade at the Museum of Modern Art and the Kill Screen Festival which Mashable called “the TED of videogames.”

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