Joslyn Davis (Clevver)

Joslyn Davis serves as executive producer and host of Clevver, the top ranking and award-winning multi-channel digital entertainment brand dedicated to pop and internet culture, lifestyle, beauty, fashion and celebrity news. Starting production in a garage in West Covina, California, Joslyn has been at the forefront of Clevver’s 10 year dominance on YouTube, as well as a record year of growth with more than 12MM total subscribers, over 14MM social media followers and moves into longer form programming with streaming platforms such as Go90, Hulu, Watchable, and others. In Spring 2016, Joslyn was recognized for her digital achievements and rising influence, earning a select spot in Variety Magazine’s FAMECHANGERS which named the rising talents transforming entertainment. She was also chosen to compete with top social media stars on CBS’s hit show The Amazing Race.

Joslyn works closely with DEFY and a range of brand and agency partners on the creative development of branded content initiatives leveraging Clevver’s popular franchises and highly viewed original weekly shows such as Beauty Break, Beauty Trippin’, Daily Hollywood Rundown, and many others, which regularly garner over 1MM views per episode. Additionally, top film studios and broadcast networks have tapped Joslyn and co-hosts Erin Robinson and Lily Marston for collaborations, including hosting the Hairspray Live digital show and the Teen Choice Awards pre-show, recognizing the brand’s massive social reach and personal connection with key viewing audiences.

In addition to her regular spot on the red carpet and oversight and hosting duties for Clevver’s top shows, Joslyn is a digital media expert who has been featured in high profile media outlets as well as prominent media industry conferences sharing her unique perspective and experience building a brand in the digital age.

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