Moj  Mahdara (CEO - Beautycon)

Moj Mahdara serves as CEO of Beautycon Media, a globally-recognized community for content creators, celebrities, fans, and brands. As CEO, she is responsible for driving brand vision for Beautycon and its growth initiatives, which include media partnerships, content development and distribution, market intelligence, and e-commerce.  Mahdara is a speaker, business figure and an active investor with international recognition for her expertise in Gen Z and Millennial consumer profiles and behaviors. She has been named to multiple lists over the years, including ones in Cosmopolitan and Marie Claire magazine; Fast Company’s “Most Creative People” list, The Hollywood Reporter’s “Top 25 Most Powerful Digital Players,” Women’s Wear Daily’s “Digital Power Posse” list and Variety’s “Digital Entertainment Execs to Watch,” and also recently presented Beautycon’s first market intelligence white paper, FOMO Vol. 1, at the Business of Fashion Voices summit in London. Mahdara resides in Los Angeles with her wife, Roya, their son, Neev, and their dog, Sufi.

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