Asia Jackson

Asia Jackson is a mixed African-American/Filipino actress and content creator based in Los Angeles, with a focus on beauty and women's lifestyle. On her YouTube channel you can find skincare routines, beauty reviews, fashion lookbooks, and monthly vlogs where she captures everything from acting auditions to the different branded and social events she attends.

While being present in the beauty/lifestyle space, she is also very vocal about her experiences as a mixed person as well as the sociopolitics surrounding mixed identities. Asia is also the founder of a large social movement, MAGADANG MORENX, which has garnered worldwide attention from Filipino's who are proud of their brown skin. The movement has been covered by everyone from AJ+, Teen Vogue, Mashable, NBC News, ABS-CBN, and more. As an actress, Asia has appeared on numerous network television shows such as ABC's Modern Family & Speechless, NBC's Superstore, CBS's The Young And The Restless, and Freeform's Alone Together.

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