Wes Johnson (SMOSH Games)

Wes Johnson is one of five talented cast members on SMOSH Games, one of the leading entertainment gaming channels on YouTube with over 7 million subscribers, and an extension of comedy powerhouse SMOSH. Known as “Wes_IRL”, Wes worked at SMOSH Games as an editor for two years before transitioning to a fulltime cast member in 2014. Prior to working with SMOSH Games, Wes worked as an actor and writer, and co-founded the casting company Dare to Dream Casting. A passionate gamer and purveyor of all things fandom, Wes is a former competitive gamer and experienced cosplayer, having dressed as Cloud from Final Fantasy 7, Dante from Devil May Cry, Fox McCloud from Star Fox, Leon Kennedy from Resident Evil and The Winter Soldier from Captain America. Prior to moving to LA, he was an Ohio state champion skeet shooter and a skilled paintballer, having played on a sponsored tournament team for four years. When Wes isn’t hanging out with his SMOSH Games family, he can be found playing his favorite video games including Super Smash Bros, Destiny, League of Legends, Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and Final Fantasy 8.

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