Shayne Topp (SMOSH)

"Shayne Topp is one of six talented cast members on SMOSH, the largest digital comedy brand in the world with over 68MM followers across all platforms. Shayne’s stand out characters and personality can be seen in many recurring SMOSH series including The Big What If, Every [Blank] Ever, SMOSH Lab, in which he hosts, as well as SMOSH Live, SMOSH’s major live programming event that drew in millions of viewers. 

Prior to joining the SMOSH family, Shayne appeared on Nickelodeon’s iCarly, Disney Channel’s So Random! and ABC Family’s Switched at Birth. Even after joining the SMOSH cast, he has continued to appear in major TV roles, including recurring character Matt Bradley on ABC’s The Goldbergs. Throughout SMOSH programming, Shayne can regularly be seen doing remarkable impersonations of major celebrities such as Tom Cruise, Michael Caine and Bill Clinton. "

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