Olivia Sui (SMOSH)

"Olivia Sui is one of six talented cast members on SMOSH, the largest digital comedy brand in the world with over 68MM followers across all platforms. Olivia’s stand out characters and performances can be seen in many recurring SMOSH series including The Big What If, Every [Blank] Ever, and Seriously Super Stupid Sleepover, in which she co-hosts with a fellow cast member, as well as SMOSH Live, SMOSH’s major live programming event that drew in millions of viewers. 

Before joining the SMOSH family, Olivia worked as a successful actress in Los Angeles. At the age of 13, she had a role in Showtime’s hit show Weeds. As she continued to flourish in her acting career, she took to the then popular social platform Vine and consistently created unique content, developing a massive and engaged following. She went on to act in stand out roles for major shows such as in TBS’s Scream Queens, develop an online presence of over half a million followers across her social channels, and work with major brands such as Coffee Bean, Wendy’s and Trident.

Sui has danced ballet for over 15 years and was born in China, but has lived most of her life in California. "

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