Keith Leak Jr. (SMOSH)

"Keith Leak Jr. is one of six talented cast members on SMOSH, the largest digital comedy brand in the world with over 68MM followers across all platforms. He joined the SMOSH cast in early 2015 and has been a staple within the SMOSH family ever since. Developing, writing and acting in daily sketches with his fellow cast members, Keith brings an unparalleled energy and range of characters to the team.

Before joining the SMOSH cast, Keith appeared in the TV movie Just the Two of Us and TV mini-series Livin' N NoHo. In addition, he appeared as Garvey in the 2016 film Mono. 

During his time at SMOSH, he has been featured in major series such as Every Blank Ever, The Big What If, and If Blank Were Real. Keith also has his own show called One Hour Song Machine, where Keith and a special musical guest star have just ONE HOUR to create an original song inspired by two random items and a musical genre. "

Here's where you'll find Keith Leak Jr. (SMOSH)