Charles D. King (Founder & CEO - MACRO)

Charles D. King is Founder & CEO of MACRO, a leading media company founded in 2015 that represents the voice and perspectives of people of color (POC). King is a visionary leader, long recognized for his keen eye for talent, strategic deal-making and long-horizon thinking.  King oversees the company’s focus on creating, developing, producing and financing film, television, digital content, tech companies and brands driven by POC that encompass universal themes.  MACRO’s film projects have received nine Oscar nominations.  Projects include Fences, Mudbound, Roman J. Israel, Esq. and the upcoming Sorry to Bother You that will debut in theaters in July 2018.  MACRO Digital Studio creates premium cinematic experiences and utilizes emerging platforms to engage millennial audiences. It has produced four series, including “Gente-Fied,” which premiered at Sundance 2017 and sold after a six-network bidding war.  Its next series, “Leimert Park,” premiered at Sundance 2018.

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