Elyssa Starkman (Director of Programming & Development - Cheddar)

Elyssa T. Starkman is the Director of Programming & Development at Cheddar, a live on demand video news network focused on covering the most innovative products, technologies, and stories transforming our lives. At Cheddar, Elyssa oversees the development and production of short and long form content for social, o&o and partner properties including the Cheddar Spotlight show on Spotify and The Point w/ Jon Steinberg on Fusion. Prior to joining Cheddar she worked on the content teams at Beautycon, Refinery29 & Popsugar where she created editorial content as well as partnerships for some of the biggest advertisers in the world. Before moving to the publisher side, Elyssa spent over 7 years working in branded entertainment, 3 years as a producer on America's and Canada's Next Top Model and as a photo editor/producer.

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