Michaela Alexis (Co-Founder - Grade A Digital)

Michaela Alexis is a content marketing specialist turned career advice columnist. She graduated from Carleton University with Bachelor of Arts degree (with distinctions) with a major in legal studies, and a minor in psychology. Michaela currently works as the President of Grade A Digital, a Social Media and Personal Branding Agency in Ottawa, and has thrived in the content marketing community, successfully managing over 100 brands in the past 7 years. In March 2016, Michaela’s article about landing her dream job went viral on Linkedin, and since then, she has replicated her viral success with multiple articles about her experiences in the business world. Recently, her article, “It’s Called a Life not a Life Sentence”, was picked by CNBC, and has amassed over 10,000 shares, and 130,000+ reads. Since then, Michaela’s articles have been featured and published in CNBC, MSN Money, Yahoo Finance, The Muse, PR Daily, and more. Armed with just a tiny dry erase board and her writing skills, Michaela has gained over 100,000 LinkedIn followers in the past year, garnering over half a million views on photo updates that bravely document her career journey. In Ottawa, Michaela currently sits on the advisory committee for the Ottawa Network for Education and the Boys and Girls Club of Ottawa’s Awesome Auction, and works as a Community Connector for the Ottawa Community Immigrant Services. She regularly speaks at high schools and colleges, sharing her advice on networking and the power of personal branding in today’s digital landscape. Her greatest goal is to equip students with the advice and knowledge that they need to succeed, and model by example. When Michaela isn’t writing, she’s sweating it out at a hot yoga session or curled up with a good book and warm coffee.

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