Matthew Patrick

Matthew Patrick aka MatPat, operates the YouTube channels The Game Theorists, Film Theorists and livestreaming channel, GT Live. Currently at 12 million+ subscribers and 60 million monthly views across these properties, they also consistently rank among the platform’s 100 fastest-growing channels. They are the Mythbusters for gamers and cine-philes, educating viewers while unearthing the secrets behind gaming, film, and television’s most enduring questions. MatPat has also pioneered 360/VR video through his YouTube Red series, Game Lab, and has hosted ground-breaking live series like Go90's, The Runner. In addition to his production expertise, Matthew's company, Theorist Inc. operates as an independent consulting first specializing in audience development, using databased methods to accelerate the growth of social media audiences, particularly on YouTube. Theorist Inc. consults for startups, large video game and movie studios and consumer brands on their digital strategy, particularly how to capture and grow an audience online. Over the past several years, Theorist Inc. has worked with over 80 YouTube channels, including Smosh, as well as 30 other channels with 1 million+ subscribers.