Meg DeAngelis

Meg DeAngelis, aka MayBaby, has warmed the hearts of her 10+ million followers on all platforms. Beginning her career on Youtube, Meg’s peppy spirit is sure to lighten up anyone’s day, while her positive attitude encourages viewers to find confidence in themselves. Meg’s popularity has allowed her to work with top brands such as Seventeen, HP, Target, Intel, Hollister and CoverGirl. She launched her own PB Teen home collection , MayBaby by Meg DeAngelis, which has proved to be one of the company’s top selling lines of all time. Meg landed the lead role in Awesomeness TV’s hit series, ‘Royal Crush’, she is the female lead in the feature film ‘Dance Camp’ on YouTube Red, and is seen in Relativity’s ‘Summer Forever’. Recently, Meg starred in and directed her own short for series ‘It’s a Girl Thing’ that aired on her Youtube channel and has over 14 million views and counting.

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