Diomi Cordero (Influencer Manager)

Diomi Cordero is one of the youngest and hardest working talent managers in LA. Diomi received his masters degree in marketing/Branding from NYU & ever since, he has become an unstoppable force in action. He has worked for Republic Records, MTV, Beyoncé, Akon, and currently is working for Cameron Dallas. His management career began when he started working with the Australian sensations, back in 2011; The Janoskians. He then went on to to manage Swaggy WolfDog, Ashleigh_Jordan, YourLocalWhiteBoy, and many other special talents. When working with Diomi there’s no easy way into the business. Diomi is all about work ethic, passion, dedication, structure, schedules, discipline & sacrifice. He’s also known for his quotes; “Are you busy or are you productive?” and “In LA you either eat or get eaten!”

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