New for 2018 – VidCon US is taking your event experience to the next level with RFID wristbands!

Your wristband serves as your admission ticket to enter VidCon US  — all with a simple, quick tap!

What does this mean for me?
Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) is the use of radio waves to read and capture information stored on a tag attached to an object. So, in addition to a VidCon badge (as in previous years), you will need to wear a VidCon wristband, which includes an RFID chip, in order to gain access to the event. There will be access portals at several locations around the Anaheim Convention Center; when you arrive at VidCon each day you’ll need to “scan in” using your wristband at one of these portals and you’re good to go! Once you do that, security and staff will use your VidCon badge to identify which specific areas you have access to, so you’ll need to wear both the badge and wristband at all times during VidCon.

You’ll pick up your badge and wristband at the same time at onsite Registration when you check in for the event. As you check in, your RFID wristband will be activated and will match the ticket information you used to register when you purchased your ticket. This means that you can only check in for your own ticket; nobody else will be able to pick up your badge or wristband for you. Further, by the time online ticket sales close in June, please make sure the names on any tickets you purchase match the names of the people who will actually be using the ticket. For example, please don’t leave your name on two tickets if you’re not sure which friend is using your other pass; you need to make sure to update the names on all passes you purchase by our online registration deadline of June 6, 2018. Finally: once the wristband goes on, it can’t come off until VidCon’s over! If your wristband isn’t on your person or the RFID chip is damaged in any way, it will be deactivated and you’ll need to pay a $20 replacement fee to reactivate/replace it.

**A special note for sponsors**
These procedures also apply for all comped, discounted, and Expo passes that you receive as part of your sponsorship. This means that, unlike years past, you will need to register a unique person for each of your passes, and each of those people will need to pick up their own credentials from the Registration Hall on site.

For more information on how to register for the passes allotted via your contract, please refer to the guides provided on our sponsor resources page.

What about my dang meet & greets?
A lot of the meet & greet process is staying the same, but instead of multiple individual wristbands – one for each meet & greet you have – all of that information will be stored on your RFID wristband! Bye bye, cumbersome, multi-colored bracelets. Since your meet & greet lottery results are linked directly to your ticket information, you don’t need to worry about telling Registration staff what should be on your wristband. It’s all in there! But remember: Just like last year, we will not allow meet & greet trades, so you will not be able to change your results in any way once the lottery is run.

Just like the portals at the outside edges of VidCon, there will be scanners at the entrances for the Meet & Greet Hall to make sure only the people with meet & greets during that session are allowed inside. Tap your wristband there at the designated times (which we’ll let you know before the event) and head on in!

A note for parents and guardians: Chaperone access will still be granted for attendees who are 18+ who need to accompany a child into the Meet & Greet Hall.

In the past, many parents who purchased Community or Industry Track tickets to accompany their children to VidCon have chosen to participate in the Meet & Greet Lottery either to meet creators themselves or to make their Meet & Greet results available to their children. At registration, a lot of parents have asked to “gift” their meet & greet wristbands to their children, which we have allowed as a courtesy. As opposed to previous years where attendees wore separate wristbands for each Meet & Greet (making transfer possible), this year, all Meet & Greet information will be stored within the RFID wristband. This new system means that transfer of results from chaperone to child is no longer possible. Thank you for understanding.

Why are you doing RFID this year?
Our main priority, as always, is the safety and security of everyone who joins us at VidCon; that includes attendees, Featured Creators and other guests, event staff – everyone. We have put small measures in place each year to increase the level of security at the event, and this year, the addition of RFID on our event credentials is a big one.

RFID technology allows VidCon to better track how many people have entered, and where and what times people enter and exit. It also makes it much harder to counterfeit a badge; security can better tell if your badge is real and if it’s already been used to enter. Security checks may be performed to ensure that only the person linked to the wristband is admitted to the event.

How do I get a replacement wristband if it’s lost or I pulled it too tight?
Please see a representative at Registration if you need a replacement wristband. Replacement is subject to verification of the registration order. Valid photo ID required. Replacement wristbands are subject to a replacement fee of $20. The event is NOT responsible for lost or damaged wristbands.


  • Wristbands must be worn on the RIGHT wrist.
  • You must scan your wristband “in” to enter the event and you must scan “out” when you exit.
  • Only wristbands purchased from the official event website and ticketing partners are valid. Do not purchase wristbands from third parties.
  • Wristbands are non-transferable and non-exchangeable.
  • Wristbands will be treated as void if tampered – do not cut it
  • Lost, damaged, or stolen wristbands will be deactivated. Replacement wristbands are subject to a $20 replacement/reactivation fee.
  • Your wristband should remain on your wrist throughout the event. Do not remove your wristband until all official programming on the final day of VidCon US 2018 is over and you have exited the venue.