Our main priority, as always, is the safety and security of those who attend VidCon.

Understandably, in the last week, we’ve gotten some questions about our security procedures, so we wanted to share. We have been talking with security staff and we made a couple additions to an already robust security plan. Attendees can expect to see uniformed officers at VidCon as well as their canine counterparts. We will have unarmed, plainclothes officers and security guards roaming the event as well. Just like last year, we will be fencing the exterior perimeter of Vidcon US spaces. Registered attendees will be able to access the event via designated entrances and exits only; this includes the Awesomeness Festival area as well as the Anaheim Convention Center and lobbies.

We will also be doing bag checks throughout the event, including at access points.

Attendees who have signed up for Meet & Greets will be required to pass through metal detectors and go through a bag check. Gifts for Featured Creators must be unwrapped and visible and please no food or drink items unless they are factory sealed. And, of course, weapons and items that can be mistaken as weapons are expressly prohibited.

If, at any time, you feel you are in, or witnessing an unsafe situation, alert a nearby security guard. There will also be a number on the back of your badge to contact our security team or, of course, you can call 911.

These procedures may be an inconvenience at times, but I hope we can all understand the need for them. Thank you in advance for being patient and sympathetic to VidCon and our security officers.

We’ll see you next month,

—Hank and the VidCon Team