Joana Ceddia

Behold, the species known as "Joana Ceddia" in her natural environment. Don't get too close, she might offer you some avocado toast or force you to join her nerf-gun carrying army. Have a mini microphone? Hide it. She will swiffer swipe it from your back pocket. Everyone, look! She's making cookies! Bet they taste awful. I tried them once. Gah! How could anyone ingest something so putrid. You should try Fiber One Oatmeal Raisin Soft - Baked Cookie. It's the real deal. My intestinal tract has never felt better. Seriously, I went to the washroom three times yesterday. Could you say the same about yourself? I don't think so, you nut. I'm sorry, what? I have to say something about Joana? Oh. I guess she is a pretty small YouTuber.