Claire Saffitz (Bon Appétit)

At Bon Appétit, Claire Saffitz developed recipes for the print magazine and website, and dabbled in food styling. Claire is frequently featured on Bon Appétit’s YouTube channel, including fan-favorite series, “Gourmet Makes,” where Claire recreates childhood junk food. She’s also the host of “Bon Appétit’s Baking School,” where she breaks down the essentials of baked goods. In the show’s first season, Claire explores the various techniques to bake a cake. Claire earned a Bachelor of Arts in American History and Literature from Harvard University. She also completed the International Program in Classic French Cuisine at École Grégoire Ferrandi, a culinary and trade school in France, and a four-month externship at Spring Restaurant in Paris. After Paris, Claire moved to Montreal to pursue a Masters degree in History at McGill University, where she studied the intellectual history of food in Early Modern France. Find her on Instagram @csaffitz.

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