Dobre Brothers

Lucas, Marcus, Darius and Cyrus are content creators, entertainers and entrepreneurs. Publishing across popular social media platforms and YouTube, they have shifted the paradigm of influence. Not for the internet alone, the dubbed “Dobre Army” is a collective community of passionate fans sharing in the experience. Using the short-form video app, Vine, twins Lucas and Marcus started off creating comedic dance videos in their hometown grocery store. The twins created their own, now signature style, by combining popular Gen Z dance moves with olympic level acrobatics. This flipping ability comes from both their mom and dad. Mom was an olympic gymnast who still holds the record as the youngest ever world champion at 14, while Dad is renowned coach. This signature style led to a successful transition to their YouTube channel, “Lucas and Marcus.” Now, it is a family enterprise, bringing older brothers Darius and Cyrus into their creative orbit.

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