Patrick Hanlon (CEO and Founder - Thinktopia)

Patrick Hanlon is the ceo/founder of Thinktopia. He works with billion dollar companies and companies who want to become billion dollar companies. He is also author of Primal Branding, which is the seminal construct that looks at Brands as belief systems. (And, as you probably know is required reading at YouTube.) Once you create a belief system, you attract others who share your beliefs. This creates audiences, customers, fans. Modern storytelling has evolved beyond the construct of advertising, so today any Brand, no matter their size, can tell stories to people, instead of blindsiding or interrupting and talking at them them via the advertising megaphone. Primal Branding is the modern playbook for content marketing and has become the unifying theory that unites social, digital and traditional marketing; it is the social engine for WOM. Hello, future.

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