Garima Sharma (Senior Dir, Strategy and Bus Dev - Studio71)

Garima Sharma is a business development executive with over a decade of experience across global media and entertainment.

As the Senior Director for Strategy and Business Development at Studio71 US, she spearheads the games and products business, building global direct-to-consumer brands and products from the ground up. She started her career in India, growing from an entertainment correspondent to the editor of two national print editions within 6 years.

In 2015, she switched gears to embark upon a new journey of creating enterprises at the intersection of media, technology and entertainment in the US. She recently lead product development, marketing and strategy for the highly successful Binding of Isaac: Four Souls Kickstarter, which has been featured in The Hollywood Reporter, Polygon, Destructoid, Entrepreneur and Variety.

She is an Associate Member of the Paley Media Council, an Executive Member with Women In Film, part of the Game Manufacturers Association and Women In Toys.

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