Besidone Amoruwa (Strategic Partnerships Manager - Instagram)

Besidone is the strategic partner manager of Beauty, Lifestyle and Gaming on Instagram’s Emerging talent team. She works with some of the top creators in the world, helping them grow their following and build their business on Instagram. Besidone was instrumental in launching IGTV, lining up key lifestyle talent like LaurDIY, MannyMua and Ninja to be part of the new app launch. She empowers and discovers emerging creators that are making waves on the Instagram platform, helping them to share their stories and passions digitally, supporting their efforts to deepen their relationships with their communities and build their brands. She says “I love to see creators and talent I work with use the creative strategies we’ve come up with to tell their stories and create content that inspires audiences around the world.” Prior to Instagram, Besidone worked as an agent at LA Models and then moved on to launch REVOLT where she was the Consumer Marketing Director for the music television network. Following that, she pursued her passion of branding and digital media, and landed in a role where she led rebrand and launch for M&P Digital Agency (formerly Melrose and Park), which debuted as part of StyleHaul. In her role at M&P, she managed a full roster of digital beauty influencers across tv, digital, music and lifestyle. As a 1st generation American and Nigerian she believes in the power of a single story and the importance of diversity and representation in media.

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