Jeff Conroy (Co-Founder - BoBCat)

Jeff Conroy is a co-founder and partner of BoBCat Studios, a multi-platform video studio launched in 2016.

Previously, Jeff served as President and Executive Producer of Original Productions, where he led all creative content development and programming for the company. During his time at Original Productions, Jeff produced more than 1,500 episodes of non-scripted television programming for 50+ series across 15 different networks. 

Additionally, Jeff is credited with spearheading entirely new genres. Jeff pioneered Gear-Head TV with the hit show, Monster Garage, Transactional programming with the Storage Wars franchise, and the Dangerous Jobs genre, with shows such as Ax Men, Black Gold, and Ice Road Truckers. He is best known for his multi-Emmy® award-winning work as Executive Producer on Deadliest Catch, now in its 13th season on Discovery.

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