The Sorry Girls

Becky Lynne is one half of the successful creative brand The Sorry Girls. She produces a wide range of online content ranging from easy home decor projects to thrift store fashion transformations, to large scale home makeovers for the millennial on a budget. Her goal is to continually inspire confidence and empower young women around the world, the core message behind “do it yourself”. Kelsey MacDermaid is part creative, part producer, and one half of the DIY duo known as The Sorry Girls. Kelsey always had a love for film, ever since she was allowed to make films instead of write essays in grade 7. After elementary and high school she went to post-secondary to achieve a B.A.A. in Film and Media Production. Upon graduating from Humber College she realized her passion and strength lie in producing content. After working as a Production Coordinator in the Commercial Production industry in Toronto, Canada, she decided to put her full energy into producing and creating content for her first true love, The Sorry Girls. Now she spends her days as a Producer, DIYer, Business Developer, and Trash-taker-outer for everything The Sorry Girls related whether it’s on YouTube,, or other exciting business adventures.