Damon and Jo

Damon and Jo are travel experts, authors, digital content creators, and trail brazing multi-lingual entrepreneurs. More than their titles, they are also best friends who have worked hard on their own to build a career for themselves that entails going on adventures across the world and learning new things everyday. Today, Damon and Jo are growing and engaging their community of over 1 million people around the world, are continuing to run their successful YouTube channel as well as their international media company titled Shut Up and Go. Named a Top 5 Travel Influencer by Forbes as a “channel with substance,” the duo regularly posts content in English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, German, and Italian, sharing honest and entertaining stories from across the world. Beyond their YouTube Channel, Damon and Jo have hosted a Facebook Watch series, "Damn Millennials," published an e-book, "Woke," and head their global media company, Shut Up and Go, overseeing a global team of writers and content creators. “We believe our content, audience, and community is capable of telling the true story about our generation becoming more curious and global than ever before.” Damon and Jo strive to change the stigma that travel is a luxury, and instead make people understand that travel is a necessity to learn and grow as a human in today's world. Above all, they are excited to give their audience at Shut Up and Go a place to meet other interesting international people that share their same interests, aspirations and love for all things travel and adventure. Damon and Jo both agree that if they have the ability to continue growing and building this community of people, both for their audience and anyone on their team alike, they will both feel fulfilled.