DeStorm Power

DeStorm Power:

Destorm is an American Music Award, Streamy Award and YouTube Award winning musician/actor/comedian with over 15 million followers across various social platforms including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Vine, SnapChat and Twitter.

He has had over 3.5 billion video views across all major social platforms of serialized short form scripted episodic video content. He has written, directed, and starred in over a thousand, of his own digitally created videos. Working with heavy hitters such as Snoop Dogg, Taye Diggs, Larry King, Justin Bieber and Floyd Mayweather, catapults Destorm Power to a household name.

A Brand Ambassador for companies like Digiorno, Nike, Nintendo, and Pepsi boasts his influence in marketing and branding. Creating the first ever Instagram 1 minute series which rendered nearly 50 million combined views DeStorm is a creative genius. Well-known for his laugh out loud, edgy comedy and infectious musical hooks DeStorm is one of the most recognizable faces in the digital space.

A seasoned musician and trained actor Destorm has had many successes outside the digital space. From achieving a gold record to hosting the reboot of PUNK'd Destorm has successfully crossed over into the traditional space as well. Discovering and mentoring some of the biggest and most successful names in the digital space Destorm is a true social media pioneer.

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