Tim Schmoyer (Founder - Video Creators)

Twelve years ago Tim was in graduate school and uploaded his first video to YouTube as a way of introducing his girlfriend to his family across the country. They kept posting videos and soon other people started watching and commenting. It felt a bit disconcerting to have strangers watching his videos, so he started digging into YouTube to figure out how it worked. He discovered others were asking the same questions and being referred to him for answers, so in 2011 he became the first creator to start posting YouTube training videos. Today his company, Video Creators, has been featured by media outlets like FOX, Forbes, BBC even YouTube themselves as he trains other creators to master the YouTube platform and use it as a place to spread messages that change lives. Although his clients have amassed billions of views under his guidance, the best part is that he married his girlfriend and together they somehow managed to have 7 kids in 8 years. They live in Cincinnati and, 12 years later, are still telling their family's story on YouTube

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