Kevin Lieber (Vsauce2)

In 2010, Kevin Lieber partnered with educational media company Vsauce creator Michael Stevens to further explore the deeper questions rooted in science that explain the complexities of the human experience. He is the host and producer of Vsauce2 which tackles puzzles, riddles, and problem-solving. To his audience of more than 4M YouTube subscribers, he weaves together science, technology, psychology, and history to explain universal truths. Kevin frequently collaborates with brands such as Buzzfeed and The Metropolitan Museum Of Art, as well as with high-profile celebrities like Ryan Reynolds, Amy Poehler, Bill Nye, and Rhett & Link with the ultimate goal of examining the extraordinary in science and technology. Kevin has spoken for the YouTube Pro Series on creating a brand on YouTube and he has appeared at New York Comic-Con to discuss the future of online education. Additionally, he hosts the podcast The Create Unknown, which features his conversations with top creators about the business of living life online.