Damien Haas (SMOSH Games)

Damien Haas got his start on TV when he booked a regular role on the Disney Channel sketch show "So Random." Later, he focused mostly on voice acting, landing a recurring role on Cartoon Network's "Clarence" and a few guest spots on "We Bare Bears." He also works heavily in the world of video game voice acting, working multiple times for the Halo series and voicing the characters Dennis and See-Bot on worldwide phenomenon that is "Fortnite." In recent years, he has become a part of the Smosh family and has never been happier. He bounces back and forth between writing for/appearing in their sketch comedy videos, as well as doing reality-based gaming content on Smosh Games. In his spare time, he is a Twitch partner, streaming several nights a week for a very loyal (and rad) audience.

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