Michael Stevens (Vsauce1)

Michael Stevens is the founder of the Vsauce network, which is the largest educational network on the internet. The Vsauce network has amassed over two billion lifetime views and over 22 million subscribers worldwide. Through his signature communication style and exploration of the mind-blowing power of science, math, and other academic concepts, Michael pioneered an online movement that fosters curiosity, creativity, and exploration in learners of all ages. Michael is also the host and producer for the award-winning Vsauce1 (14MM subscribers, 1.6BN views), the flagship channel of the network, where he uses his expertise to investigate out-of-the-ordinary questions in fun, thought-provoking ways. Currently, Michael resides in Los Angeles, CA where he continues to write, host and edit videos to make sure each episode of Vsauce feeds his audience’s insatiable hunger for astounding facts and ideas.

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