Michael Stevens (Vsauce1)

Michael Stevens is the founder of educational media company Vsauce, as well as the host and producer of the popular YouTube channel Vsauce1 (1.6B views and 14M subscribers). Vsauce1 explains how things work, on topics ranging from the scientific to the philosophical. Michael champions content built to foster curiosity while entertaining audiences. He is the creator and presenter of the successful YouTube Premium series Mind Field, and the developer of science-based consumer products such as subscription offering The Curiosity Box. Michael is one of the most popular YouTubers in the world and also brings mainstream appeal to the online science community. His videos have led him to present several TED talks and spearhead collaborations with David Attenborough and Adam Savage among other big names in the scientific world. He has also appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live and spoken at Adweek, VidCon, and MIPTV.