Matthew Brian Brown (SwiftKarate Chop)

In the digital world, Brown has been known by many names, and is currently apart of the largest & most defining changes in the entertainment world. Brown's content was used in the Viacom VS YouTube lawsuit to show the power of Original Content & solidify the survival of the YouTube platform. As a partner of Maker Studios, Brown contributed to the creation of Disney's recent $950 Million purchase of the company. Brown has served as the Head of Research and Development for Yo Mama, a high-traffic YouTube Channel, growing the channel to nearly 2 million subscribers on YouTube and 4 million plus on Facebook. Brown has also worked with major digital entertainment companies such as Alloy Entertainment and Defy Media, as well as working with Inventors & Business leaders such as Francisco Guerra, creator of the evaporative snow used globally in films and themes parks today. In 2015, Brown Co-founded RISE9, a creator community bringing the world's most influential people on the web together & taking VidCon by storm with the Mansion Estate Golden Ticket event. In 2016, Brown joined on board the gaming vertical known as MY.COM & helped improve & put into place Influencer Programming across multiple Gaming IPs. In 2017, Brown launched YouKre8 Networks, a Marketing & Production company with a focus on SEM & Influencer driven content, now consulting & managing hundreds of digital properties across the world.